New EP drops next week

Finally Robin Stjernberg new EP "Underwater" drops next Friday, October 5th! So excited for more new music, gonna be epic powerful!! Looking forward to everything this year and next and next and forever! Pure heaven, this EP is really happening now after 5 years since "For the better EP" 
 I like your style, beautiful! Awesome new handsome photo
Photo by Karl Anton Björkman
Keep listen on new single "I Don´t", soon awesome 30 000 streams on Spotify!

You mess me up with beauty, love

This promo picture is pure dream, freaking beautiful! Really love those new photoshoots, hoping for more pictures. Looking good! 
Photo: Karl Anton Björkman
Makeup artist Kicki Burman and Getup soul choir worked with beautiful Robin Stjernberg again, looking forward to what comes and this long-awaited EP!

New single out now

Robin Stjernberg is back with a brand new uptempo single "I Don´t"!! This epic soul single is a setup song for his upcoming new EP "Underwater" which will be released in just 2 weeks, October 5th. He is really an outstanding singer-songwriter that writes and producing all the songs.  
He shows his unique ability in something genuine, with much love
  Written by: Robin Stjernberg, Benjamin Roustaing, Jack Hewitt and Lewis Gardiner

Lovely autumn day

This fall started so damn good, and it will be for the better! And this means he will save my fall! After six months I saw him again and it was the most personal, beautiful and cozy meet with Robin Stjernberg in Borås. Talked about everything between heaven and earth. Perfect lovely autumn day! My new camera killing me, taking such awesome pictures! I think I'll do the fansite blog in autumn colors, maybe a little brown/beige. 
You are the best! Worth everything, love

Podcast on Spotify

Beauty, awkward and badass podcast in Swedish! But I'm writing a little summary of the podcast. Wonderful Robin Stjernberg is Arantxa guest and talking about everything from the time he practiced wrestling and ugly trick used to launch the boyfriend "What's Up" and how to deal with the feelings and self-confidence in the industry we call showbusiness. A full episode when they crumb a bottle of red and open up some strange childhood memories, who had a mask in the butt and who eat butter and got a hairy ass?
And Robin Stjernberg talk about his new EP and it will be called "Underwater" with four songs but first a setup single in a few weeks! I’m so freaking excited!! First I wondering if the setup single is ”Lonely Heart”, I need it so bad...but then he wrote to me: - "Actually a bit more uptempo, it’s been a while" 
When he has photoshoot for new promo photos, then it's close! Will be pure dream to see them and I can change RS Fansite header

7 years since Idol 2011

The fall caught me again with Idol 2018 and it's now 7 years since I saw Robin Stjernberg's first audition in Idol 2011 with "Who You Are", that voice!! Brutally beautiful and magical on all levels. From band member "What´s Up" 2010 to second place in Idol and the winner of Melodifestival, both as an artist 2013 and songwriter 2017. He is not only an awesome musician, he's a great songwriter and producer 2018! 
My heart, so proud. Always by your side.

Picture of the day

Robin Stjernberg // Hässleholm 2014
Photo: Therese Henriksson

New music very soon

 Twitter love this week. My heart, can´t wait!