Under Water EP

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Robin Stjernberg long-awaited EP is titled "Under Water" just as one of his new song on the EP. All the songs are as if they were taken from Robin's own diary and let us glimpse and partly follow his journey!
"Often we only talk about everything that is good in life and ignore the rest. But I want to change that and start to piant a more complete picture of who I really am, something you will find when listening to my new music"
"This is where I become friends with myself and singing to myself that I will always love me despite my shortcomings. It's something I struggled to love myself because it's such a stressful climate to be human today with social media and superficiality. I wanted to close the door to the anxiety I had when I wrote the music - that's why I walk and shut the door in "Always".
"It was a almost surrealistic feeling to write it because I knew immediately that it would give me an end to all that I wrote on the EP and it would help me move on." This, in many ways, owes and honestly, the song talks about being open to all the things we are struggling with and from it teaches us to love ourselves."
The songs on "Under Water" describe life; deep friendship, negative thoughts we have about ourselves, dare to ask for help and let someone in to life. The final track "Always" is the last song written for the EP and the one that is the most scaled down and although the song is low, there is a sound roughness. It's glaring about the chair and phrases about clothes and body parts that move.The strings of the piano sound out. The lid is laid down and the piano man is traveling and walks with a firm footstep. With those sounds, the song always ends, the last track on Robin Stjernberg's new ep.  He describes the song "Always" as an end to the ep's theme where every song is a letter to himself and Always ties the bag together.
Robin Stjernberg himself stands for production with Johan Lindbrandt and Martin Eriksson. In the songwriting he has worked with Johan, Benjamin Roustaing, Jack Hewitt, Jon Eyden and Lewis Gardiner.

I Don´t

It's a uptempo song with soul and gives us a sense of courage and freedom. "I Don´t" is his first single from his very personal EP "Under Water". The song describes the damaging and those negative thoughts we tend to have about ourselves; but also to say that now it is enough. It's time to move on. Robin Stjernberg has produced "I Don´t" and wrote it along with Benjamin Roustaing, Jack Hewitt and Lewis Lockhart Curtains. 
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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Robin Stjernberg release his new single - the love song "Love" and later on in the year, Robin is planning to release an EP. The twice winner of Melodisfestivalen Robin Stjerberg has never been so pleased with a song before. His latest single “Love” is a song he wrote for his best friend’s wedding.
- “Love” is powerful, organic, filled with love as well as a rawness. It’s the best song I’ve ever written
The song is a result of a promise. Many years ago, he promised his best friend he’d write her a song for her wedding. In August 2017 the big day was here. Just a week before the big day it all fell into place and he wrote the song in 20 minutes. It was a big moment for Robin to both write a song and perform it on such an important day!
- The whole song more or less wrote itself within 20 minutes. It was almost unnerving how easy it went. It was like fingers and mouth just worked by themselves. It is really an honour to experience something like that as a songwriter
”Love” became a special and very personal gift to the couple when he performed it live together with a gospel choir at the wedding. Songwriting has been a central part of Robin Stjernbergs life ever since he attended senior high school. But it hasn’t always been easy. A few years ago, he went through a tough period when he had problems finding his creativity. He even thought about giving up music all together. After a while his creativity slowly but surely started to return, and he wrote the song “Rain” (2016) about this period. Robin has found a way to work which is focused but that leaves room for creative movement. Last year he released the single “Feed On My Love”, a sublime song about unrequited love.
- It wasn’t until later on that I realised that I needed the dip to get myself to the next level. I have developed a lot lately and have found a calmness and security in myself. For me it’s been about accepting that everything doesn’t have to be perfect, neither in the music or as a human being, says Robin.
These last years Robin’s written a lot of material for other artists. In 2017 he created “I Can’t Go On” for Robin Bengtsson, which led him to win Melodifestivalen. Among the songs Robin has written include the winner’s song for Idol 2015, (Can’t Hold Me Down) and the hit, “Ashes” for Italian artist Sergio Sylvestre, which sold double Platinum. 
Today Robin shares a studio with songwriter and producer, Bobby Ljunggren and is also one of the owners of the publishing company, Freebird Songs.

Feed on my love

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Robin Stjernberg har sedan genombrottet 2013 kommit långt i sin utveckling som både låtskrivare och artist. I höstas släppte han singeln ”Rain” som på kort tid har streamats drygt 1 miljon gånger. Hans senaste singel ”Feed On My Love”, är en emotionell och storslagen låt om obesvarad kärlek.
“För mig betyder låten otroligt mycket, inte bara för att jag känner att jag fått till en bra låt utan också för att den visar en helt ny sida av mig själv. Jag låter folk lära känna min kreativa sida mer på djupet” – Robin Stjernberg.
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Robin Stjernberg senaste singel Rain, en melodisk-poplåt som perfekt förbättrar han starka röstomfång som är uppföljare till singeln Take Me Home, som släpptes tidigare i år. Rain är uppbyggd på organiska trummor för att få fram ett unikt sound och ackompanjeras av blås från Timbuktus trogna vapendragare Damn! Mixningen står ingen mindre än Lars Norgren för (Tove Lo, Sabina Ddumba m.fl.) Rain, tillsammans med Take Me Home kommer både finnas med på Stjernberg kommande album som väntas släppas i början av 2017. Mer detaljer om albumet förväntas under de kommande veckorna framöver. 
”Det är en melankolisk poplåt med soulinfluenser som handlar om desperation och nostalgin till en sommarförälskelse som försvann lika fort som hösten kom” beskriver Robin, och du kommer uppleva kärlek vid första lyssningen. Han har hittat ett sound och en rytmkänsla som omfamnar pop-nerven.
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Take Me Home


Locked Into You


Let me dance with you


Body Language






For The Better - EP


Melodifestivalen 2013 - You

Vinnare av Melodifestivalen 2013 med bidraget "You", skriven av Robin Stjernberg, Linnéa Deb, Joy Deb och Joakim Harestad Haukaas. Den 15 mars 2013, hade singeln sålt Guld och veckan därpå nådde singeln en Platina-certifiering. 1:a på iTunes, Spotify, Sverigetopplistan och Radiolistan. Den 26 juni 2013 meddelade Robin på sin Facebook sida att singeln sålt 3 ggr platina.

Budskap singeln - Scars

Hösten 2012 släpptes budskap singeln "Scars" som handlar om mobbning eller att någon är utstött. En historia som berör och går rakt in i hjärtat.
"Sluta aldrig vara dig själv, du är bra som du är"

Debutsingel - On my mind

Robin Stjernberg deltog i Idol 2011 och slutade som tvåa efter Amanda Fondell, men den 19 december 2011 blev det officiellt att Stjernberg hade skrivit kontrakt med Lionheart Music Group. 
Därefter släpptes hans debutsingel "On my mind"  den 28 mars 2012. 

Albumet - Pieces -

 Robin Stjernberg tog hem den historiska vinsten i 2013 års Melodifestival med "You", en låt som han själv varit med och skrivit. Aldrig tidigare hade en artist från "Andra chansen" tagit hem segern i tävlingen. 
Efter Eurovision song contest 2013 följer han upp med albumet Pieces där visar han att han är allt annat än en dagslända. Det hörs tydligt vilket gediget arbete som ligger bakom skivan och den sålde guld redan första dagen. Tillsammans med Amir Aly som huvudproducent och själv delaktig som upphovsman till alla spår bjuder han in oss i sin musikaliska värld med fantastiska titelballaden "Pieces" och upp tempospår som "Crime". 
Releasedatum: 26 juni 2013 

Debutalbum - My Versions

 Den 19 december 2011 blev det officiellt att Stjernberg hade skrivit kontrakt med Lionheart Music Group för musikutgivning, musikförlag och management/bokning. My Versions är Robin Stjernbergs debutalbum utgivet 2012 av Lionheart Music Group. My Versions är en best of-samling av Stjernbergs tid från Idol 2011 och gick in som etta på Sverigetopplistan.
Releasedatum: 4 januari 2012