Plataniás on Crete in Greece

Robin Stjernberg are totally king of the best! So heavenly cozy, wish I were there. Chania coast is so nice, Plataniás is close to where we are going in June! But he would sunbathe a little for me too, cause he knows I love Crete as much as he does. 

Off to camp in Greece

Robin Stjernberg going to Crete, Greece a whole week for writing camp with Benjamin and Bobby. Hope he takes in wonderful inspiration and enjoy the time. I really envy him, I love Crete with all my heart!! I'm going there myself in 2 months! 
Fingers crossed, that he release new music and summer tour when he comes home
 Instagram: @stjernbergrobin

Spring and studio weekend

Studio and spring is in the air! Skills, baby! Robin Stjernberg has studio session with Oscar Enestad and tourist attractions with Nashville in Stockholm. And it's April next week and the best time of the year begins! I´m so incredibly curious about the summer tour and whether he is following the RIX FM Festival this year
 Instagram: @stjernbergrobin

Music session

New music session week with Anna Bergendahl, something secret is going on in this studio bless.
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Silja Line Galaxy 2019

Robin Stjernberg perform live at Silja Line Galaxy easter weekend cruise on April 19, 2019. More info and book at

Studio all night long

This song bird have been in the music studio all week long! The new studio is so freakin´ sick and fancy with flashyflashy. I can really understand that Robin Stjernberg is there all night long. But still waiting for that badass "Under Water - Showcase" tour 2019!
But soon april, spring and summer! So excited what's coming, can´t wait!
Instagram: @stjernbergrobin

Melfest last saturday

Robin Stjernberg with Bobby Ljunggren on Melodifestivalen final party last saturday

Under Water photoshoot

Twitter and Instagram story is where it happens last night! And yes, I’m screenprinted

The Freebird studio

Songwriter session in the Freebird studio and really hope this bird releases and sings in the spring soon! Thank goodness that I have ”Lonely Heart” live from Musikplats Stockholm. Last Friday, Jill released her EP where Robin Stjernberg has written and produced her songs. 
He's really so damn talented! 
I see it! I'm so freakin touched, that he love the bracelet "Stay in your magic" that I gave him in birthday present

Melodifesivalen 2019

Picture of the day
Photo Johan Söderlund

Six years since Melodifestivalen

It has now gone six years since Robin Stjernberg won Melodifestivalen 2013 with "You" and this year's final in Melodifestivalen is just on March 9th 2019 but March 9th 2013 will always be a magical date and emotional day in my life. "You" will forever remain in our hearts and he will forever perform "You" after six years. 
The funny thing is that every year in the media and newspapers it still talks about his winning in Melodifestivalen. So proud of him always and forever
Stjernberg are really unique when he is the first artist to win Melodifestivalen via the second chance round ever! The fact that he won was a big shock for all but totally happiness!
He work hard in the studio to developing his music and sound, where his new EP "Under Water" is epic! And what a genius he is as a songwriter and producer with several hits and two times winner in the Melodifestivalen. Have followed and known him for so many years, and seeing him develop and grow is magic. 

Studio vibez

Cold and ruffled between months, don't know what's going on with this sneaky weather? But something we know that Robin Stjernberg continues to write killer music in the new banger studio. If the rumor is true, it will be new music in April and that is next month! Stay tuned!


Magical happiness on Cinderella

The weekend cruise on Viking Line Cinderella was awesome with magical happiness and partner in crime! Damn, that nostalgia and memories! When he performed "Crime" live again. He is worth everything, my heart belongs to you. Wherever you go I will follow
And the birthday gift "Our five senses" to him became the cherry on the cake, just perfect! His reaction to the silver bracelet with the engraving text "Stay in your magic" was on the point. -"Are you serious? You always write it to me and that means so much to me"  - "You are so creative!"  No you are, babe