Robin Stjernberg live 2018

See Robin Stjernberg live 2018, stay tuned for more tour dates

A year ago since Feed On My Love

A year ago since ”Feed On My Love” and is still totally freaking awesome! Powerful, magical, deep, epic and soon 1 million streams on Spotify! Robin Stjernberg really has a voice capability of gold that can handle high tones, which just gets perfect!
Listen to "Feed On My Love" on Spotify here below:
What a magical comeback in 2017 with live performens on Musikplats Stockholm P4 at Sweden radio! Live TV on SVT and TV4 and live performens at RIX FM Festival but now we make 2018 the best
And now it is also a year ago I heard "Lonely Heart" for the first time in Stockholm at Musikplats P4 and I feel in love! I hope with all my heart that Robin release this beautiful piece this year!  

Robin Stjernberg performing at Rock your socks

The Swedish Down Association presents Robin Stjernberg live sunday 18 march at världskulturmuseet, this kindhearted music soul performing for down syndrome at ”Rock your socks” in Guthenburg! He sings 4 songs and performs at 15:00. More info on and
On 21/3, the World day for Down Syndrome, the whole of Sweden will rock the socks. It is easy! By wearing different socks, you shame differently and make a blow to all people's equal value and rights. Together we can change people's attitude and make sure everyone is welcome in our society.
The initiative is originally from the United States with the name "Rock your socks" In 2014, the Swedish Down Association initiated the campaign "Rock your socks" By 2015, there was a major breakthrough in social media with the help of Nathea Anemyr, who has a sister with Down's syndrome Today the brand is run by Svenska Downföreningen Internationally, the Lots of Socks campaign is run by Down Syndrome International.

Flashback fanvideo and birthday gift

One month left until Robin Stjernberg 27th birthday and he becomes anymore damn good and freaking´ beautiful man! I skip the damn video with congratulations pictures, so must be done with a another varieté of video this year so my life has playtime in Adobe Premiere Pro to a flashback video with music and text for more mature music soul for how outstanding he is!  
That I managed to make my idea for that special one, but it took a while to put together a guitar package but really fun to do with cardboard. This handmade guitar package with tropical gift to a star became so awesome, feel free to be February 22th now! 
When the winter is the coldest, dream away to a cozy evenings on the beach with the guitar and jam by the sea. And let this year go smoothly for both the soul and the music, for you are "Extra" special.
Handmade scrapbooking piano and guitar congratulations card with love note

Robin Stjernberg is performing at Bingolotto

Now it's happening star magic! Robin Stjernberg is performing live at Bingolotto on Sunday February 11th in Gothenburg! Bingolotto is a live show featuring bingo games, music from well-known artists as well as exciting guests. Bingo Lottery are available at the entrance and cost 50 SEK.

Warner Bros International Television Production Sverige
Audience entrance is 16:45
Audience enters the studio from 17:20 to 20:00
The program is broadcast from 18:00 to 20:00
Book audience seat free on or see TV4 live broadcast

Two months to Viking Line cruise

Now it's only two months left to Stockholm and the Viking Line cruise with my stars, can't wait!! Don´t miss to book a magical cruise when Robin Stjernberg performing live aboard the Viking Line Cinderella on March 15th!

Departure Stockholm - Mariehamn on 15/3-18 at 18.00
Arrival Mariehamn - Stockholm on 16/3-18 at 15.15
Ship M / S Cinderella, Stockholm. Stadsgårdens terminal
Age limit: 21 years

More info here  and booking on Viking Line


Viking Line cruise last year was magical, miss everything and everyone. You make me feel so damn good! And I'll experience this again on March 15th!!

New photoshoot a few days ago

Makeup artist Kicki Burman worked with beautiful Robin Stjernberg again when he had new photoshoot a few days ago for the release of new music 2018. She has really a dream job! But photographing music covers for him had been an epic dream for me. 
Damn, the pictures looking good already! I`m so curious about the music cover, all new promo photo and I have butterflies in my stomach for now I know that it's not so long until we get new music!!

January follow

January 10th 2013. Incredible 5 years of Twitter follow by Robin Stjernberg on my private account, time flies of our life! I still wonder how much he reads, but I think he sees much more than we think. Especially when he heart mark my tweet about him but he is not tagged in.
January 11th 2017. It´s a year ago I started a twitter fansite account about him, would have done it for long ago but so freaking happy that it happened last year for here can I write about anything I want. Better late than never!
He also follow RS Fansite January 14th 2017! Feel free to follow here

Official Robin Stjernberg Homepage

Check out Robin Stjernberg Official homepage! Has changed web address to
Link here

Two years since Take Me Home

Robin Stjernberg released this beautiful single for 2 years ago, and it goes straight into the heart. With his divine voice and as a songwriter, he creates magic. This is perfect, genuine and love in every word. How outstanding and amazing is he!
This song means a lot to me, for I´ve lost someone to cancer
Robin Stjernberg in front of this specially written song "Take me home" under (Tillsammans mot cancer) No to Cancer-gala 2016 on TV4. 

Photoshoot 2018

Exciting!! Robin Stjernberg has a photoshoot for something new 2018, will be epic magical pictures! Damn, have to be close to new music if he has studio photography! This really saved me from this dark winter season, so curious about all new promo pictures and the cover. Will probably be a new header for my RS Fansite, can´t wait! 
Stay tuned for something awesome!
A pattern from last year when Robin also had photoshoot at this time of year and released "Feed On My Love" January 27th. So new music can happen soon!! And this may happen within a few weeks maybe, but I will probably be nervous about his new music release once again out there because I think he is so outstanding everything he creates.
Photo from Instagram

Day By Day

Robin Stjernberg on backing vocals when Robin Bengtsson kicks off the new year with the release of his new single today! Lowering the tempo somewhat, but ramping up his trademark injection of soul, he’s put out ‘Day By Day’. A gospel tinged piano ballad on which he really gets to showcase his beautifully smooth vocals. Written by Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore, and produced by Jimmy Jansson. And Erik Segerstedt on piano. 
Source: Scandipop

Love 2018

Sweetheart, looking so forward to new music now! And do I see a pattern or what? Can it get warmer soon when Robin Stjernberg begin the new year with new music 2018 like last year. He dropped "Feed On My Love" date January 20th and then released January 27th 2017. 
So beautiful picture, miss to photograph summer concert where he belongs.
Photo from stjernbergrobin Instagram

You give me love

This is so truly deeply beautiful! You give me love. Robin behind a piano, pure magic! Feels so long ago since I saw him, miss him so damn much but soon 2 months left until a roadtrip to the lovely Stockholm and Viking Line cruise with my stars. And can "la la la love" be this year´s love song by Robin Stjernberg?? I'm so excited what's coming this new year, can´t wait any more for new music! Need a date!

Happy new year

Happy new year, hope Robin had a blast yesterday! Wishing everyone the best year and hoping something new begins now, la la la love 2018! 
2018...Let´s do this!!