Summer and chill

Damn hot! Now Benji has made him a British man. Imagine an acoustic gig with these two, Benji are welcome to join Robin on other gigs. And finally, this year's artists begin to be revealed. Hope Robin has a tour with RIX FM Festival this summer. 
Soon I'll see him again
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Summer vibez

Boys, boys, boys with summer vibez. Has Robin been in the studio for a long time or has he been with Benji and become a British man when he has a beard now! Damn hot, babe!
Have a nice weekend
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The boys in town

The boys in town, hanging! That we met Benji on the cruise, how nice he was. And how Robin said his name (with English pronunciation) I died and came back. Hope we meet him again. It´s only been four weeks since the cruise, it feels like an eternity ago. 
Hope with all my heart that Robin has a tour with RIX FM Festival
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Robin Stjernberg are totally bouncin music in the studio and then night life with his boys gang Emil, Oscar and Ola when Swedish House Mafia reunited in Stockholm, Tele2 Arena. 
But where are you this summer, bae
Need you in my life, love
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The one and only

He has talent in everything, pro! Nice to see him having fun outside the studio too, miss my sunshine already. Last weekend was the best! Want more gig. I really want to be with him right now. But waiting for something good...Keep your fingers crossed for RIX FM Festival tour this summer. But I think it will be RIX FM, because when I talked to him about it, he was very positive about it. 
Start happening festival things next week! So not far until we know if Robin Stjernberg is touring with RIX FM Festival this summer
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Not the end of this game

He continues to deliver studio vibez and skills with other artists and live life as a king. But Robin Stjernberg story doesn't end here, I promise! 
Happy weekend! 
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Life is sticky, stay in your magic

Yes, this wait is hard but hopefully we´ll be amply rewarding soon with new music! And I need his summer tour and him in my life, that doesn't exist yet...miss him so much, but finally I meet him next week. Stockholm, here I come! 

Sun is shining and so are you

The spring is in the air, when Robin Stjernberg skates inlines again! He has so much skills and goals that you can dream about. Speaking of dreams, I have dreaming about him too much. But hello April, and finally it begins to approach to a cruise again. 
But what happens this spring and summer? New music? Tour dates? But there is no official summer tour yet, and that sucks when I need to plan my summer
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Plataniás on Crete in Greece

Robin Stjernberg are totally king of the best! So heavenly cozy, wish I were there. Chania coast is so nice, Plataniás is close to where we are going in June! But he would sunbathe a little for me too, cause he knows I love Crete as much as he does. 

Off to camp in Greece

Robin Stjernberg going to Crete, Greece a whole week for writing camp with Benjamin and Bobby. Hope he takes in wonderful inspiration and enjoy the time. I really envy him, I love Crete with all my heart!! I'm going there myself in 2 months! 
Fingers crossed, that he release new music and summer tour when he comes home
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Spring and studio weekend

Studio and spring is in the air! Skills, baby! Robin Stjernberg has studio session with Oscar Enestad and tourist attractions with Nashville in Stockholm. And it's April next week and the best time of the year begins! I´m so incredibly curious about the summer tour and whether he is following the RIX FM Festival this year
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Music session

New music session week with Anna Bergendahl, something secret is going on in this studio bless.
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Studio all night long

This song bird have been in the music studio all week long! The new studio is so freakin´ sick and fancy with flashyflashy. I can really understand that Robin Stjernberg is there all night long. But still waiting for that badass "Under Water - Showcase" tour 2019!
But soon april, spring and summer! So excited what's coming, can´t wait!
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Under Water photoshoot

Twitter and Instagram story is where it happens last night! And yes, I’m screenprinted

Studio vibez

Cold and ruffled between months, don't know what's going on with this sneaky weather? But something we know that Robin Stjernberg continues to write killer music in the new banger studio. If the rumor is true, it will be new music in April and that is next month! Stay tuned!


Musikplats Stockholm P4

The best of the best! Robin Stjernberg performed live at Musikplats Stockholm P4 on Sveriges Radio. With his new "Under Water" showcase music, he deliver a powerful and flawless concert. He's back on the track again with happiness, magical perfection and a piece of badass! 
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Music soul in Memphis

Robin Stjernberg walking in Memphis and soul music. To Graceland, went to the Stax museum and the Mississippi River and had a burger that’s been fried in the same grease for over a 107 years (and that was apparently fooookin amazing) 
This is also his last week of writing in Nashville and he coming home to Sweden
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Rebel in Nashville

Another week of flawless Nashville and Robin Stjernberg has always been a rebel as he flees Swedish winter! He has music sessions almost everyday and his best friend is visit also so can come up more pictures, to my delight when he loves this city and their people. 
Hoping he has the best time of his life. But I hope he will come home this week(!!) with a lot of new music and love. Miss him so much now, but soon I'll see him.
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Good times in Nashville

Nashville wall paintings beat everything, really love that art! Hope Robin Stjernberg has the best in Nashville, but he seems to love and enjoy this town. Everyone he meet loves music as much as he do! 
And "Love" on their jukebox, that's freaking' awesome!

Nashville, Tennessee

Last week, Robin Stjernberg spent in sunny and inspired Nashville, Tennessee in USA and he'll probably stay another week to work on what could be the next big solo project in his music career.
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