Musikförläggarnas pris 2017

The winners of the Music Publishers' Prize 2017 were celebrated at Berns in Stockholm. The prize is awarded annually by the trade association Musikförläggarna and aims to highlight the most prominent Swedish songwriters, composers and writers of the year. Galan's big winner became songwriter Jonnali "Noonie Bao" Parmenius when she was named "Composer of the Year" and "International Success of the Year". Zap events had invited the artist elite and on the red carpet we saw "Rebecca & Fiona", Eva Dahlgren and Efva Attling, Peg Parnevik, Mauro Scocco, Molly Sandén and Robin Stjernberg. 
He's amazing songwriter. I´m so proud of him
Robin Stjernberg at the Music Publishers' Prize 2017 
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Picture of the day
 Robin Stjernberg // RIX FM Festival 2017
Photo: Therese Henriksson

Magic is something you make

Hope something magical is about to happen with his music, believe in him. Still hoping for the EP drop this year though it's December next week and 5 weeks left of 2017! Soon one year and ”Feed On My Love” is still totally freaking awesome! Maybe a single drop and later the awaited album 2018 with tour, would be a dream come true. 
I miss him so much. But when I said that all I want for christmas is new music but this cruise surprise in March was awesome too! So excited for this now, if everything goes as planned with my girls.

Viking Line Cinderella Live on stage

Happy friday!! Guess who's back on a cruise next year?! Don´t miss Robin Stjernberg live on Viking Line Cinderella March 15th 2018! (The age limit on Cinderella is 21 years old)  More info and booking on 

Can’t wait for new music

...and a voice that has magical perfection! So excited can´t wait for this EP any longer, 4 years and counting singles! And this year is almost over, and I´m wishing that he let go of "Lonely Heart" and that is all I want for christmas if he don´t know that the album is not there yet. But the best is yet to come and I´m still here, always by his side. I´m so pround of him and of his many talent. 
That day Robin Stjernberg drops his new album, gonna be the best day in my life!!!

Miss this kindhearted music soul

One month has gone by since my cozy autumn roadtrip to Stockholm and met Caroline and I saw Robin Stjernberg on Stockholmsmässan, and it feels much longer. He is worth everything, so I'm so glad I went on this event and met him, because there have been no more gigs this fall. Something miracle must happen now... but I know the wait is worth it.
 Miss this kindhearted music soul!
Nothing but love!

#Metoo has reached the music industry

Several famous artists now testify to harassment, approach and gender discrimination. Everything started with the uprising #Metoo. Recently, #tysttagtagning where people witnessed sexual abuse in the film and theater industry. Now it appears that the same culture is found in the music industry.
"What did I do like a man?"
Singer Robin Stjernberg sees the music industry having a problem when it comes to gender equality. "There are rotting eggs everywhere, crazy people. The rebellions of recent weeks have made him think much about his own behavior. "You have been through and tried to investigate yourself. What have I done like a man? And what have I not done? I have not entered when I've seen something. It's good what's happening now.
Source: aftonbladet

A year since Hässleholms gala evening

Crazy, already been a year since Hässleholms magical gala evening and I met two international fans, Caroline and Daria for the first time! And that became my lovely friends for life, and it´s all because of Robin Stjernberg. Love these girls. Miss them and Robin so damn much now, need a Stjernberg tour 2018! 


Picture of the day // Robin Stjernberg 
Photo: Sotarn Otf 

Who is excited for christmas?!

Can´t wait for Christmas either! Soon only 3 weeks left until the first advent, and I have already a lot of Christmas feeling. But seriously I´m so excited for his new music now!! He is so sneaky...will Robin Stjernberg drops his EP before Christmas or what?!! 

Five years since Scars

"5 incredible years ago since Scars!! And this will always have a special little place in my heart" Robin today on Twitter/Instagram stories and I can only agree with him. Thank you for this amazing song with important message about bullying, this kindhearted music soul has a heart of gold with divine voice. And in the middle of my chaos life there was you, you made me have a better self-esteem and believe in myself. He has made me who I´m today and it's stronger.
Listen to Scars by Robin Stjernberg on Spotify here:

Trollhättan weekend

Photo from @lisajedahlius Instagram 
Falling in love with fall, babe! Hope he had the best weekend! Robin Stjernberg was with his friends in Trollhättan this weekend and won a bowling competition, it was wonderful to see him so happy and outside the studio where I know he is working hard on his new music. 

Lonely Heart

It's almost a year since (in January) I went to Musikplats Stockholm where I heard the most beautiful song for the first time and fall in love with tears when he performed "Lonely Heart" and now months later I almost can already "Lonely Heart" and he have not even released the song yet...
Had been that perfect magical winter single by Robin Stjernberg