Shine Bright

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The winter time has returned and we will soon leave the autumn months behind us, winter is coming! How should I handle the winter half in this darkness without new music?? I know it's on its way but he can not say really when and want us to hang in there. 
Shine bright and keep going strong, beautiful. 

Music heaven

Now we are talking music heaven of technology! Hope Robin Stjernberg drops his EP soon, it looks promising in the studio at least. I'm so excited what's coming!! Strong working if he can release new music before this music year is over.
Picture from @stjernbergrobin Instagram stories "Small screen for small ego"

Four years since the musicvideo of Pieces

Four years as gone by, but I'm still here and I will forever be. Always got your back, baby. I have faith in Robin Stjernberg on the new EP/album and the new music. I know the wait is worth it for his song lyrics is gold with divine voice, but can´t wait! After 4 years, it's time for a new album!
"Now they think we're lost it they think we're gone but we're gonna prove they all are wrong"

RS Fansite on YouTube

Subscribes to RS Fansite on YouTube! There you will find the latest music and videos with this kindhearted music soul. Yamaha music presents Robin Stjernberg at Stockholmsmässan 14/10-17.

You are gold, baby. Solid gold

I would say the best is yet to come,I'm so excited what's coming!! Stay tuned for Robin Stjernberg upcoming new EP, it´s so close now! A heart of gold, when he really tries to work hard in the studio everyday to become ready to release new music this year. Believe in him.
Thanks for the best weekend in Stockholm in a cozy acoustic mood at Yamaha music event Stockholmsmässan, so worth everything. See you again soon, beautiful.

Nothing but love, beautiful

Robin Stjernberg // Stockholmsmässan 2017
Photo: Therese Henriksson

One down two to go

Picture of the day
Robin Stjernberg // RIX FM Festival 2017
Photo: Therese Henriksson

Fall for you

Throwback to a atmospheric and magic morning when Robin Stjernberg performing his october and autumn single "Rain" at Nyhetsmorgon in acoustic version. Totally perfect in every way, on Saturday I'll see him again. Always got your back, babe! 
 Hope and think it will be "Rain" acoustic at Stockholmsmässan.

A year ago we head about Rain

It's a year since we heard about Robin Stjernberg song "Rain" Since then I love it in all shapes, from remix to original song, live session and acoustic piano. Yesterday he visited Sweden's radio in Stockholm for the collection of SVT "Världens barn". Listen to Robin Stjernberg magical piano performance at P4 Stockholm Extra here:

Yamaha music at StockholmsMässan 2017

Yamaha presenterar Robin Stjernberg på Stockholmsmässan Hem, villa & bostadsrätt lördagen den 14 oktober! Live på inspirationsscenen (A35:50) kl.13:00 - 13:45. Efter Robins uppträdande på Inspirationsscenen finns han tillgänglig hos Yamaha (A22:31) för fotografering och autografsignering. 
Yamaha music sweden ställer ut på mässan för att sprida glädjen och passionen till musik till fler människor. På mässan får alla som vill prova att spela på olika instrument; flygel, digitala pianon, keyboard och gitarrer.   
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