The piano track "Always" from the EP "Under Water" is recorded in Robin Stjernberg favorite studio, Atlantis. And is the most personal and naked song he ever done. "Always" helped he move forward and because of it he now able to be as playful and creative in his music and as a person.
Excited for what this year has in store for us. - Robin Stjernberg says on Instagram

Winter camp

In the past few days, Robin Stjernberg and Jens Hult has been in winterland and Dalarna, Sweden
 Instagram: @stjernbergrobin

Food heaven

 Greek food heaven and friend in Stockholm
 Instagram: @stjernbergrobin 

Songwriter camp

This week is Robin Stjernberg at songwriter camp cottage in winter Jämtland with Benjamin Roustaing, which he wrote Under Water EP with. Hope they get the best music inspiration in this beautiful environment, for they really makes epic music together! And Robin is so adorable charming, when he sees a piano at Supermarket Svenstavik and sits down and sings acoustic Under Water (see it on his facebook page)
Baby, it´s cold outside. Can´t wait for EP2 and tour 2019 this spring

Perform live very soon

Robin Stjernberg rehearsing all the new "Under Water" songs with a new live set in the studio at the moment! He will perform live very soon a city near you. A small event happens somewhere in Stockholm soon, stay turned for more info! 

You mess me up with beauty, love

This promo picture is pure dream, freaking beautiful! Really love those new photoshoots, hoping for more pictures. Looking good! 
Photo: Karl Anton Björkman
Makeup artist Kicki Burman and Getup soul choir worked with beautiful Robin Stjernberg again, looking forward to what comes and this long-awaited EP!

He's back in Sweden

The best fall is starting now with new music, Robin Stjernberg is back in Sweden after two weeks in USA! So please save me this fall and winter. Soon 6 months ago I met Robin, it feels...miss him like crazy now! This has never happened that he has gone away the whole summer without real summer gigs.
But soon I´ll see him again. I'd walk a million miles, just to see your smile. 

Music city Nashville

Last week, Robin went to Nashville and Stephanie Cox at Kobalt to write more magical music! But now he will 100% focus on himself as an artist starting this fall with a brand new EP! I´m so so superexcited for his comeback, gonna be epic love in a few months!!
My heart, love to write to you. Being with you, is the only place I want to be right now. Must meet him now, half a year next month.

Hot & magical summer, and so also this fall

We have now great news, his new music is coming to release this fall!! So stay tuned for Robin Stjernberg upcoming new EP. But first, Robin will have a vacation in Italy and go to LA in August...And I needed a hot awesome concert with Robin Stjernberg...but damn gonna be epic when his new EP is droping with tour days!  He is so tanned, though he has been in the studio. But with this hot summer we have in Sweden I understand for that's me too.
Keep listening on "Love" at Spotify & Apple Music. 
Photos from @stjernbergrobin Instagram story
 Did you miss Robin Stjernberg at P3 in quiz with Ro$ and Tina Mehrafzoon, listen here: 

Sunshine and studio vibez

Hard working man in the music studio all days in this sunshine! But so proud of him, Niello's new song "Dansa" is produced by Robin Stjernberg.  Outstanding sing and songwriter, always by his side! I dreamed about him, twice in one week!! Damn, miss him so much, I hope I'll see him again soon. Come out and play, love! 
RIX FM Festival reveals this year's artists! Bring back Robin Stjernberg on the tour, please!

Hello summer love

Lovely summer weather, just love it! I’m waiting and I’m praying for Robin Stjernberg´s summer gig will come. Last summer, May 10th it came up that he will tour with RIX FM Festival, I’m hoping this summer again.
I miss him so much and love him more

Lovely Stockholm

Instagram: @stjernbergrobin

Writing camp in London

Robin Stjernberg went to London this weekend to write music, hope he have the best time! And it seems that he loves it. Let the inspiration flow of magic, looking forward to more beautiful music. 
Thank you for being there and keep being the one you are.

You give me love

Robin Stjernberg is such a beautiful soul being I can see perfection. I’m so glad I met him, I never want to stop making memories with him. 

I´m always here for you

Robin Stjernberg // Picture of the day
Instagram: @stjernbergrobin

I’m in love with you, and all of your little things

Missing this one already, and I'm still trying to get Robin Stjernberg to Helsingborg this summer! But spring is in the air and the best time of the year begins now, looking forward to more lovely gig soon with guitar and divine voice. I never want to stop making memories with him. 


Instagram: @stjernbergrobin
Skills, babe! Robin Stjernberg, badass rockstar with many talents. Sunshine, spring and love is in the air! I'm dying for his new EP now, hope this summer! And is incredibly curious about whether he is following with RIX FM Festival this year again. Can´t wait! 

Photoshoot 2018

Exciting!! Robin Stjernberg has a photoshoot for something new 2018, will be epic magical pictures! Damn, have to be close to new music if he has studio photography! This really saved me from this dark winter season, so curious about all new promo pictures and the cover. Will probably be a new header for my RS Fansite, can´t wait! 
Stay tuned for something awesome!
A pattern from last year when Robin also had photoshoot at this time of year and released "Feed On My Love" January 27th. So new music can happen soon!! And this may happen within a few weeks maybe, but I will probably be nervous about his new music release once again out there because I think he is so outstanding everything he creates.
Photo from Instagram

Love 2018

Sweetheart, looking so forward to new music now! And do I see a pattern or what? Can it get warmer soon when Robin Stjernberg begin the new year with new music 2018 like last year. He dropped "Feed On My Love" date January 20th and then released January 27th 2017. 
So beautiful picture, miss to photograph summer concert where he belongs.
Photo from stjernbergrobin Instagram

Happy new year

Happy new year, hope Robin had a blast yesterday! Wishing everyone the best year and hoping something new begins now, la la la love 2018! 
2018...Let´s do this!!
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