New single out now

Robin Stjernberg is back with a brand new uptempo single "I Don´t"!! This epic soul single is a setup song for his upcoming new EP "Underwater" which will be released in just 2 weeks, October 5th. He is really an outstanding singer-songwriter that writes and producing all the songs.  
He shows his unique ability in something genuine, with much love
  Written by: Robin Stjernberg, Benjamin Roustaing, Jack Hewitt and Lewis Gardiner

New music very soon

 Twitter love this week. My heart, can´t wait! 

Music city Nashville

Last week, Robin went to Nashville and Stephanie Cox at Kobalt to write more magical music! But now he will 100% focus on himself as an artist starting this fall with a brand new EP! I´m so so superexcited for his comeback, gonna be epic love in a few months!!
My heart, love to write to you. Being with you, is the only place I want to be right now. Must meet him now, half a year next month.

Europride Stockholm last week

So freaking damn good! Robin Stjernberg on Europride Stockholm last week, missing him is the hardest thing I have ever done this summer...Soon half a year since I met him, not okay
I want to hug him and never let go right now

Hot & magical summer, and so also this fall

We have now great news, his new music is coming to release this fall!! So stay tuned for Robin Stjernberg upcoming new EP. But first, Robin will have a vacation in Italy and go to LA in August...And I needed a hot awesome concert with Robin Stjernberg...but damn gonna be epic when his new EP is droping with tour days!  He is so tanned, though he has been in the studio. But with this hot summer we have in Sweden I understand for that's me too.
Keep listening on "Love" at Spotify & Apple Music. 
Photos from @stjernbergrobin Instagram story
 Did you miss Robin Stjernberg at P3 in quiz with Ro$ and Tina Mehrafzoon, listen here: 

Stay tuned for the upcoming new EP

Great news, the new EP is in progress with the finishing of the productions and mixing! Just awesome, gonna be epic! I can't believe Robin Stjernberg actually releasing a new EP this year??? Has been five years since last, crazy what time goes by...but it will be worth the wait. I’m so excited, can´t wait for new music!! 
But he is so gone this summer, miss him very much so it hurts...

Pieces - Five years of memories

The Pieces album by Robin Stjernberg was released for five years ago...five years!? I guess I´m still broken but with you I will be fine. And we pick up the pieces that are left of us to find. Five years of memories with love and magic! And I´m still here and he has my back and heart. I loved you then. I love you now, always have and always will.

A lot of recording and studio time but his new EP is slowly coming together to drop this year! He are so damn good and I’m so freaking excited, can´t wait for new music!! But what happens?! No summer gig with Robin  I´m dying...have to meet him, so hoping with all my heart that he will come out and play.

Damn, what I miss him on stage


Lovely midsummer weekend with love

Spread some love this midsummer weekend, listen to "Love" on Spotify! New music is slowly coming together to release this year, so stay tuned for Robin Stjernberg upcoming new EP! 

Outstanding singer-songwriter

So Robin will not release new music until his EP is completely ready to drop, which will hopefully be completed in 5 weeks. Excited what´s coming, can’t wait! 
Soon new music, missing to see him on stage
Robin are an outstanding singer-songwriter, Steerner new song "I Wouldn´t Lie" is written by Robin Stjernberg, Gustaf Golter, Christian Persson and Steerner himself! 
Listen on Spotify here below:

Love The Acoustic Version

I’m in love, so heavenly beautiful! Robin Stjernberg has released an cosy acoustic campfire version of Love on Spotify! Robin behind a piano and guitar, pure magic. His song lyrics is gold with divine voice, don´t know how many times I fall in love. And RIX FM Festival makes a comeback to Helsingborg and Kristianstad, hoping for RIX FM Festival tour this summer again with Love. 
You are gold, baby. Solid gold

Unleashed songs, hoping on the new EP


5 years since For The Better EP

Five freakin´ beautiful years since Robin Stjernberg released this awesome attitude "For The Better EP" and it´s still on my mind! Listen on Spotify and Apple Music and you hear that he rule the world. I have scars of it all, but soon it gonna be better. The best is get to come! 

P5 LIVE Stockholm yesterday

Robin Stjernberg won Melodifestivalen 2013 with his song "You" and at Lisa Friberg he makes a favorite in repris and performs You acoustic live at P5 STHLM's studio on Drottninggatan yesterday on his "winner day" for 5 years ago. And his brand new single Love in beautiful acoustic version
Listen on You here: 
Listen to the broadcast (You, new single Love and interview


Robin Stjernberg is performing "LOVE" live at P5 STHLM studio on Drottninggatan this friday March 9th at 16:10 with a interview by Lisa Friberg. Listen on the broadcast in SR Play app or the web 
More info:

Robin Stjernberg - LOVE (Live video)

I´m out of words, this live video of Robin Stjernbergs magical Love performance, live at Church Sofia in Stockholm together with GET UP soul choir is so beautiful! Love has now over 215.000 streams on Spotify! Keep listen and spread love 

Exclusive gold to Melfest town

To maximize the feeling of this year's major music festival, Live Nation, SVT and Sweden's Radio presents The Welcome Party - a new concept that will give even more festive anticipation and sparkling Melodifestivalen feeling to the cities that Melodifestivalen tour visits. More people get the chance to enjoy the glittery joy frame that the Melodifestivalen is and the pulse in the touristic cities is pumped up properly with the Welcome Party's entrance.

The red carpet is rolled out at Stora torget in Kristianstad, where the meeting between artists and fans will be in focus. A wish that has been found by both artists and their fans - and now made possible by the Welcome Party. In addition to the red carpet event, it is offered on various activities linked to the Melodifestivalen. A family celebration of joy!

Now it's finally time for Melodifestivalen welcome party to take place in Kristianstad and Stora Torg!

Thursday 1 March
14.03 – 16.00 SR P4 Melloextra
16.30 – 17.00 SVT Random Mix
17.00 - 18.00 Sponsorship activities & competitions
18.00-18.50 Så mycket Kristianstad. Sonic town with guest artists:
Robin Stjernberg, Zara Sigfridsson, Emil Sigfridsson och Janne Bark.
18.50-19.00 City Councilor Pierre Månsson
19.00 – 20.00 Melfest artists take place on the red carpet

LOVE - Live Facebook


LOVE LIVE - together with getupsoulchoir!
Listen to LOVE on Spotify


"Love" has now over 120.000 streams on Spotify! Click on the banner to listen to "Love" in Spotify & support 
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Robin Stjernberg release his new single - the love song "Love" and later on in the year, Robin is planning to release an EP. The twice winner of Melodisfestivalen Robin Stjerberg has never been so pleased with a song before. His latest single “Love” is a song he wrote for his best friend’s wedding.
- “Love” is powerful, organic, filled with love as well as a rawness. It’s the best song I’ve ever written
The song is a result of a promise. Many years ago, he promised his best friend he’d write her a song for her wedding. In August 2017 the big day was here. Just a week before the big day it all fell into place and he wrote the song in 20 minutes. It was a big moment for Robin to both write a song and perform it on such an important day!
- The whole song more or less wrote itself within 20 minutes. It was almost unnerving how easy it went. It was like fingers and mouth just worked by themselves. It is really an honour to experience something like that as a songwriter
”Love” became a special and very personal gift to the couple when he performed it live together with a gospel choir at the wedding. Songwriting has been a central part of Robin Stjernbergs life ever since he attended senior high school. But it hasn’t always been easy. A few years ago, he went through a tough period when he had problems finding his creativity. He even thought about giving up music all together. After a while his creativity slowly but surely started to return, and he wrote the song “Rain” (2016) about this period. Robin has found a way to work which is focused but that leaves room for creative movement. Last year he released the single “Feed On My Love”, a sublime song about unrequited love.
- It wasn’t until later on that I realised that I needed the dip to get myself to the next level. I have developed a lot lately and have found a calmness and security in myself. For me it’s been about accepting that everything doesn’t have to be perfect, neither in the music or as a human being, says Robin.
These last years Robin’s written a lot of material for other artists. In 2017 he created “I Can’t Go On” for Robin Bengtsson, which led him to win Melodifestivalen. Among the songs Robin has written include the winner’s song for Idol 2015, (Can’t Hold Me Down) and the hit, “Ashes” for Italian artist Sergio Sylvestre, which sold double Platinum. 
Today Robin shares a studio with songwriter and producer, Bobby Ljunggren and is also one of the owners of the publishing company, Freebird Songs.

Mix Megapol Radio

Happy Valentine's Day! Robin Stjernberg performances his new and beautiful single ”Love” live on Mix megapol radio this morning. Listen here: at 32:21 on the livestream. He is magic! Tonight 19.00 he has a surprise at you on his Facebook page!
Mixmegapol's championship in proposal and Robin Stjernberg sings at your wedding . Do you want to say "Now and forever, I do" to someone in the radio? Click on the banner

Love - Lyric

Robin Stjernberg - Love
Written by: R.Stjernberg
I'm out of words, but let me try
Try to explain what I've felt
Everyday since you came to my life
I see the world with different eyes
Feels like I'm seeing in color and
Shapes for the very first time 
I know that this means forever
But I'd never doubt
Already in heaven
Down here on the ground
And if one thing's for certain
It's us against them all
The answer is simple enough
You give me la-la-la-love, la-la-la-love
Give me la-la-la-love, like no one else in the room
Baby, I'll give mine to you
And I give you la-la-la-love, la-la-la-love
Give you la-la-la-love, so high it's racing the moon
Now and forever I do, I do
Two beating hearts, beating as one
Two seeking souls that now know
They won't ever be lonely no more, ooh
I know that this means forever
But I'd never doubt
Already in heaven
Down here on the ground
And if one thing's for certain
It's us against them all
The answer is simple enough
You give me la-la-la-love, la-la-la-love
Give me la-la-la-love, like no one else in the room
Baby, I'll give mine to you
And I give you la-la-la-love, la-la-la-love
Give you la-la-la-love, so high it's racing the moon
Now and forever I do, I do
This means forever but I'd never doubt
'Cause heaven's down here on the ground
You give me la-la-la-love, la-la-la-love
Give me la-la-la-love, like no one else in the room
Baby, I'll give mine to you
And I give you la-la-la-love, la-la-la-love
Give you la-la-la-love, so high it's racing the moon
Now and forever I do, I do

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