Musikplats Stockholm P4

The best of the best! Robin Stjernberg performed live at Musikplats Stockholm P4 on Sveriges Radio. With his new "Under Water" showcase music, he deliver a powerful and flawless concert. He's back on the track again with happiness, magical perfection and a piece of badass! 
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Happy Valentines Day

Have a lovely Valentine's Day and spread some love! Last year, Robin Stjernberg released his powerful ballad Love. He wrote it first to his friend's wedding, which later came to be his single on February 9th 2018. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. And the twice winner of Melodifestivalen Robin Stjernberg has never been so pleased with a song before. 

Stockholm P4 Live

Robin Stjernberg is back, live at Musikplatsen with his new music! Last fall, Robin Stjernberg came with his EP "Under Water", which he describes as very personal. In this week's live performance on stage at Musikplats Stockholm P4 on February 15, he does some of these songs live and you have the opportunity to experience the concert live in the music studio at Sveriges Radio. But you can also hear it on Sveriges Radio P4 Stockholm, live at 12.30.
More information about how you can participate in this lunch gig live at Radiohuset, can be found on the concert calendar

Songwriter and co-producer

Jill Johnsson and Robin Stjernberg writing together! Who would’ve thought?! Awesome songwriters and co-produced with Amir Aly. Jill Johnsson new single “Is it hard being a man?” is out now on!

Music soul in Memphis

Robin Stjernberg walking in Memphis and soul music. To Graceland, went to the Stax museum and the Mississippi River and had a burger that’s been fried in the same grease for over a 107 years (and that was apparently fooookin amazing) 
This is also his last week of writing in Nashville and he coming home to Sweden
 Instagram: @stjernbergrobin

Rebel in Nashville

Another week of flawless Nashville and Robin Stjernberg has always been a rebel as he flees Swedish winter! He has music sessions almost everyday and his best friend is visit also so can come up more pictures, to my delight when he loves this city and their people. 
Hoping he has the best time of his life. But I hope he will come home this week(!!) with a lot of new music and love. Miss him so much now, but soon I'll see him.
Instagram: @stjernbergrobin

His birthday month

It's finally February and Robin Stjernberg's birthday month! And there will come up a fanmade video on his birthday February 22 at RS Fansite Youtube and here, which I have worked on in secret. How to never give up your dreams and follow your heart, however difficult it is. But there will be also a surprise gift to him personally on the cruise March 2 at Viking Line Cinderella, a week after his birthday. That I have fixed with all my senses. Gonna be awesome months now! 
The best 2019 is yet to come
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Good times in Nashville

Nashville wall paintings beat everything, really love that art! Hope Robin Stjernberg has the best in Nashville, but he seems to love and enjoy this town. Everyone he meet loves music as much as he do! 
And "Love" on their jukebox, that's freaking' awesome!

Nashville, Tennessee

Last week, Robin Stjernberg spent in sunny and inspired Nashville, Tennessee in USA and he'll probably stay another week to work on what could be the next big solo project in his music career.
Instagram: @stjernbergrobin

Lonely Heart

Two year since Robin Stjernberg performed his unreleased song "Lonely Heart" live on Musikplats Stockholm P4 at Sveriges Radio. He really has a voice capability of gold that can handle high tones, hope with all my heart that he release this beautiful piece this year!  

Winner of the 2019 Scandipop Awards

Robin Stjernberg – ‘Love’
Here are the all winners of the 2019 Scandipop Awards

New start in Nashville

Robin Stjernberg return to Nashville, Tennessee to work on what could be the next big solo project. Stay tuned for music release in April and spring/summer tour 2019.
After a tribute autumn EP, followed by high-profile television appearances, Robin Stjernberg kicks off with Mello as songwriter in 2019 and a return to Nashville: "A few days away, will be gone for a while. We have a really exciting project going on, ”says the pop star from Hässleholm.
In front of the Melodifestivalen 2018, Robin Stjernberg told in a frank interview for Kristianstadsbladet about the heavy time. Maybe the trip to the top had gone too fast? He didn't feel good. Had to stop and take hold of the inner journey. When we talk a year later it is a Robin Stjernberg in harmony. The songwriter / producer / artist has said what he needed to say. Been open with their problems, marked a new start with the autumn ep 'Under water'.
- It's a plate that is based on stories I've been carrying with me for a while. It was very nice to tell.
The music - soulpop and r'n'b at varying pace. Robin Stjernberg says that the songs he writes today are the result of a long journey. Working with other artists, such as songwriter and producer, has taught him the craftsmanship. Made him grow.
- I have had distance to the music, and to myself, in a healthy way. Everyone works, in different ways, with their own performance anxiety. Then the experience that comes with different collaborations means a great deal.
You sat on the TV couch during the weekends and looked very safe.
- It's cool. I have worked a lot with myself. Become friends with myself. I don't want to show off a facade. There is no more extrovert version of Robin.
The old poles - Joel Strömgren (guitar), Johan Danving (drums) - was with you in the TV studio.
- It's fun. Joel has been with me since the upper secondary school in Kristianstad. Two incredibly talented musicians, both living and working in Stockholm.  
2019 can be a great year for Robin Stjernberg. The Melodifestivalen - where he has a decent facet with double victory ("You" 2013, songwriter for Robin Bengtsson's "I can't go on" 2017) - is again topical. Stjernberg, together with Johan Linbrandt, Jens Hult and Omar Rudberg, have written FO & O-Omar's contribution "Om och om igen".
 Do you have a winner?
- Hard to say. Can be tough for a song in Swedish. But it is strong and Omar is a good artist. I am pretty sure that it is going well.
In the next breath, Robin Stjernberg tells that: He has written new to Omar's FO & O friend Oscar Enestad, produced what becomes Lisa Ajax Mellolåt ("Tower") - and been in the studio with Jill Johnson.
- I have written and produced Jill's next single. Jill Johnson, I love her! She enters a room and everything just stops. What a pound, and what voice!
In parallel, you prepare the next project, in your own name. Not afraid to rush too fast?
- When everything just feels fun, it's hard to stop. You just want to keep having fun. It can definitely be too much. I have learned to be more attentive, and more cautious.  
In just a few days, Robert Stjernberg, with destination Nashville, Tennessee, will take off.
- I was there last August last year. Went over as a songwriter. Now they have asked me to come back, and this time we are focusing on what can be my own project.
Robin Stjernberg in Music City, the country's capital?
- My music is not direct country ... but so much else happens in Nashville. We work with soul and pop.
How did the US adventure begin?
- I am a partner in Bobby and Maria Ljunggren's Freebird Entertainment. We made a deal in the US and I was signed to a large publisher called Cobolt. It is a worldwide agreement, Nashville became a natural place to go.
Why just Nashville?
- Something very special happens there. Everyone, really everyone, lives for the music. The office people linger when the work day is over. They come to the studio ... listen, discuss. There is a passion for the music in Nashville that I can miss here at home.
Tell me about the plan?
- "Always" becomes the third single from the ep. The next release, in April, is completely new material.
Want to make an entire album in Nashville?
- We'll see. I get away for a while and hope that good things happen in the meantime.
- By the way, have to catch a trip to Memphis too. Should visit Graceland and jaw the Elvis burger. Robin Stjernberg laughs and we talk about the continuation.
A tour summer?
- I had a meeting with the booking the other day. Want to play and play...100 percent! We release new in April and try to match that music with the summer. Everything is about having clearly enough very good material. Right now, the feeling is that I shit in where and when, only I can get out with the band and play.

Songwriter and producer

He is outstanding, Robin Stjernberg writing and producing more music to other artists! Robin is songwriter and producer of Oscar Enestad new single ”Sign Of My Love”  together with Benjamin Roustaing and the artist himself Oscar Enestad. 
In this years Melodifestivalen 2019, he is songwriter to Omar Rudberg - Om om och om igen (February 16) and producer to Lisa Ajax - Torn (February 23)


The piano track "Always" from the EP "Under Water" is recorded in Robin Stjernberg favorite studio, Atlantis. And is the most personal and naked song he ever done. "Always" helped he move forward and because of it he now able to be as playful and creative in his music and as a person.
Excited for what this year has in store for us. - Robin Stjernberg says on Instagram


 "Not a man of science. So hard on myself, emotional mess. But I learned to fight the virus. Embracing the part, that infected my heart. Remember you only slowed me down. There´s nothing that you, can do right now. Cause I loved you before you, said those words way back when" - Robin Stjernberg