Awesome vibez & sunshine on Galaxy

Unforgettable and the best easter weekend on Silja Line Galaxy and in Stockholm with my partner in crime! It was wild at heart cruise which traced out a little bit but so damn good vibez and sunshine chill cruise, so much love. No beatuy shines brighter than that of a good heart and the hottest fire burn blue and Robin Stjernberg music are no exception! 

He has a heart of gold and the best, he looked at me from the scene and showed me straight away that he had the silver bracelet "Stay in your magic" I gave him last cruise. Then he retweeted my "You´re my summer rain" video on his Twitter and Instagram story! He is really my sunshine in my life! 
I walk above the flames 'cause you're the sun that brings me night, and I would do all for you.

Magical happiness on Cinderella

The weekend cruise on Viking Line Cinderella was awesome with magical happiness and partner in crime! Damn, that nostalgia and memories! When he performed "Crime" live again. He is worth everything, my heart belongs to you. Wherever you go I will follow
And the birthday gift "Our five senses" to him became the cherry on the cake, just perfect! His reaction to the silver bracelet with the engraving text "Stay in your magic" was on the point. -"Are you serious? You always write it to me and that means so much to me"  - "You are so creative!"  No you are, babe 

Musikplats Stockholm P4

The best of the best! Robin Stjernberg performed live at Musikplats Stockholm P4 on Sveriges Radio. With his new "Under Water" showcase music, he deliver a powerful and flawless concert. He's back on the track again with happiness, magical perfection and a piece of badass! 
Instagram: @stjernbergrobin
 Instagram: @stjerna_forever

Epic and magical cruise

Pretty awesome and epic cruice with my hearts! Lovely to see Evelina and Caroline again, and life deluxe in Stockholm and on the Viking Line Cinderella. This has to be done again, for now is Robin Stjernberg cruising marked for life when we left the boat with him. 
Five years of love and the days with him is still the happiest, this is magical

Viking Line Cinderella 2018

 "Love" has now over 100.000 streams on Spotify! Click on the banner to listen to "Love" in Spotify & support Robin 
One months left until Viking Line cruise with my hearts, gonna be epic love! Don´t miss to book a magical star cruise when Robin Stjernberg is performing live aboard the Viking Line Cinderella on March 15th! More info here and booking on Viking Line

Departure Stockholm - Mariehamn on 15/3-18 at 18.00
Arrival Mariehamn - Stockholm on 16/3-18 at 15.15
Ship M / S Cinderella, Stockholm. Stadsgårdens terminal
Age limit: 21 years


Three months left to Viking Line cruise

The next year's cruise is finally booked on the Viking Line with lovely friends! Gonna be a awesome party with a lot of stars!! That happiness when I find a direct train to Stockholm from my hometown Helsingborg, now is my early train is also booked. Can´t wait to meet my soulmate Evelina again and of course Irish sweetheart Caroline, which became my friend for life all because of Robin.

When I said that all I want for christmas is new music but this new cruise in March was awesome too! A cruise a year is good for the soul and three months left and I´m already so excited for this!! And when I saw the sleek skirt at Gina Tricot, I thought right away that would have been a perfectly outfit

Miss him pretty much, can’t wait to see him again

Viking Line Cinderella Live on stage

Happy friday!! Guess who's back on a cruise next year?! Don´t miss Robin Stjernberg live on Viking Line Cinderella March 15th 2018! (The age limit on Cinderella is 21 years old)  More info and booking on