Love The Acoustic Version

I’m in love, so heavenly beautiful! Robin Stjernberg has released an cosy acoustic campfire version of Love on Spotify! Robin behind a piano and guitar, pure magic. His song lyrics is gold with divine voice, don´t know how many times I fall in love. And RIX FM Festival makes a comeback to Helsingborg and Kristianstad, hoping for RIX FM Festival tour this summer again with Love. 
You are gold, baby. Solid gold

Unleashed songs, hoping on the new EP


5 years since For The Better EP

Five freakin´ beautiful years since Robin Stjernberg released this awesome attitude "For The Better EP" and it´s still on my mind! Listen on Spotify and Apple Music and you hear that he rule the world. I have scars of it all, but soon it gonna be better. The best is get to come! 

Writing camp in London

Robin Stjernberg went to London this weekend to write music, hope he have the best time! And it seems that he loves it. Let the inspiration flow of magic, looking forward to more beautiful music. 
Thank you for being there and keep being the one you are.

The star's comeback after the tough time

Source: Expressen
After the success of Melodifestivalen, it ended. - "It was terrible. Suddenly, I felt like the worst man in the world, "says Robin Stjernberg. Had writer block in half a year before it let go. "I sit 13-14 hours a day in the studio, but sometimes there are no songs. Then I can suddenly write a song in 20 minutes, says the artist Robin Stjernberg. After the tough time he is going to get his revolt. Soon he will release his new EP.
During Monday morning, the students at T4 school in Hässleholm in Skåne celebert the visited of the artist and Mello star Robin Stjernberg. The students had a few weeks earlier practiced his latest song "Love" that they sang together during the day.
After an intense period in Stockholm he thinks it's nice to be back at his old school.
How has the day been?
- "It has been amazing! Something happened in the eyes of the students as soon as we started playing together. It is a receipt that music is such an important part of teaching."
He describes life in Stockholm as very focused on career and succeeding in the music industry, something that can be very hard. - "That's why it's so important to do this here too. This is the core and I will never forget that."
- "As soon as we started singing, the students also started dancing." Now I'm totally sweaty, he says.
It's the first time Robin Stjernberg is in a workshop for students with functional variations. But to the Kvällsposten he tells that the experience has given blood tooth.

 "Music is really something everyone can take on. You are met by the music and can communicate with each other in another way, he says and continues: - "I love raw feelings. There are no filters here and they will come true, so it should always be, he continues.
"Did not write a song in a half year"
After the super success of the Melodifestivalen 2013 and a series of tours, it ended up to much and in half a year Robin Stjernberg suffered from writing cramps.
- It was terrible. Suddenly, I felt like the world's worst man.
I could sit for several hours in the studio but did not get a single song. I did not write a single song in six months, he says.
When it let go in the fall of 2016, but the performance requirements are still in place. "I sit 13-14 hours a day in the studio, but sometimes there are no songs. Then I can suddenly write a song in 20 minutes.
Robin Stjernberg tells us that the song "Love" was one.
"I wrote that to my friends' wedding. It came only by itself.
Writes to others
In addition to singing and standing on stage, Robin also write songs for other artists. During last year's Melodifestival, Robin Bengtsson won the song "I can not go on" that Robin Stjernberg has written. - "I want to stand on stage but have no trouble writing songs to others as well." He's currently working on his EP scheduled for release later this year. "There's only one song left to write," he says.

You give me love

Robin Stjernberg is such a beautiful soul being I can see perfection. I’m so glad I met him, I never want to stop making memories with him. 

I´m always here for you

Robin Stjernberg // Picture of the day
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Robin Stjernberg // Picture of the day
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I’m in love with you, and all of your little things

Missing this one already, and I'm still trying to get Robin Stjernberg to Helsingborg this summer! But spring is in the air and the best time of the year begins now, looking forward to more lovely gig soon with guitar and divine voice. I never want to stop making memories with him.