Happy new year

Robin Stjernberg and Anna Bergendahl bless Happy New Year with magical piano and vocals

Live at TV4 Bingolotto

 A powerful soul and live performance by Robin Stjernberg of "I Don´t" from his new EP "Under Water" on new years eve at TV4 Bingolotto

Happy new year

Welcome to celebrate the new year with Robin Stjernberg! A lovely evening with stars and he will perform live at Bingolotto on TV4 tonight at 22:14 and 00:04

Live at TV4 Nyhetsmorgon

Robin Stjernberg delivered a magical and perfect live performance of "I Don´t" and "ALWAYS" from his new EP "Under Water" at Nyhetsmorgon on TV4! 

5 years since Eurovision 2013 Grand Final

He write the story, he have a voice of gold and words to sing. When he write the song, free and equal with reason and conscience. He are human and he are the ONE....5 years since Robin Stjernberg represent Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö with "You"! 
After 5 years, I´m still by his side and always will. Proud of him, so much love

Lovely day in Gothenburg yesterday

My heart, you are too good to be true! So proud of him, have missed him so much. Gonna be the best year! My feelings were all over the place in Gothenburg yesterday, lovely day and the best weekend with my hearts. Thank you for your love, thank you for being you. Love you for who you are. 
If you missed Bingolotto last night, watch Robin Stjernberg powerful and epic performances of "Love" and "Rain" here:
Listen to "Love" on Spotify!

Robin Stjernberg performs at Bingolotto this sunday

Don´t miss Binglotto this Sunday February 11th, Robin Stjernberg is performing live from Gothenburg! The program is a broadcast from 18:00 to 20:00 on TV4. If you want to see Robin live there are still places in the studio to book, which you can do here: publikitv.se
He's back, the wait is almost over! I'm so excited and ready for 2018! His new press photos begin to be released (damn good looking!) and finally new music on Friday (could this be the single cover)can’t wait! And on Sunday I’ll see him again, where have you been my whole life, babe? Gonna be the best weekend this month!