Today´s podcast

Robin Stjernberg wrote a 60's song with "Dagens visa" podcast on iTunes. Talking about his USA trip, Elvis Presley and other fun. Click in and listen or alternatively if you just have nothing else to do! 

P4 Stockholm Live

Robin Stjernberg perform a flawless without any blemishes or imperfections, perfect acoustic version of "I Don´t" and "Under Water" with amazing choir song by Lionman and Louise live at P4 Stockholm. And a interview about personal letters "Under Water" EP. 
For a time Robin had a heavy struggled and got the singer-writer block, and don´t like himself; what do I have to give and thought if he should really keep going with the music. He has so much demand on himself and wants to do everything best, he ended up in this dark water. So was, "Under Water" EP born! His personal letters and diary from his heart. He talks about that he wants people to listen to the lyrics of his songs and acquainted himself in different situations in life that we never talk about. 
Listen to the "Under Water" EP on Spotify

PP3 live

Sara and Adrian sends at P3 along with none other than Robin Stjernberg and they're talking about Elon Musk, Tekashi 6ix9ine and bad lies, even parents pulled for one. And the experiences when Robin took his driving license a few years ago. Then he talks about when he was in the United States, where he wrote music for his own project and to other artists. And guys, he really love food! My heart, talk about food came up twice.
Has a music partnership and will return to the US sometimes in October or November, hope he releases his EP before. 

Hot & magical summer, and so also this fall

We have now great news, his new music is coming to release this fall!! So stay tuned for Robin Stjernberg upcoming new EP. But first, Robin will have a vacation in Italy and go to LA in August...And I needed a hot awesome concert with Robin Stjernberg...but damn gonna be epic when his new EP is droping with tour days!  He is so tanned, though he has been in the studio. But with this hot summer we have in Sweden I understand for that's me too.
Keep listening on "Love" at Spotify & Apple Music. 
Photos from @stjernbergrobin Instagram story
 Did you miss Robin Stjernberg at P3 in quiz with Ro$ and Tina Mehrafzoon, listen here: 

Weekend in P3 Sverigesradio

Sunday chill with Ison, Arantxa and Robin Stjernberg. Weekend in P3 speaks sick, awkward, fun things that happen in cars. And debating the double tip's product or non-product and generally have nice Sunday hanging.

P5 LIVE Stockholm yesterday

Robin Stjernberg won Melodifestivalen 2013 with his song "You" and at Lisa Friberg he makes a favorite in repris and performs You acoustic live at P5 STHLM's studio on Drottninggatan yesterday on his "winner day" for 5 years ago. And his brand new single Love in beautiful acoustic version
Listen on You here: 
Listen to the broadcast (You, new single Love and interview


Robin Stjernberg is performing "LOVE" live at P5 STHLM studio on Drottninggatan this friday March 9th at 16:10 with a interview by Lisa Friberg. Listen on the broadcast in SR Play app or the web 
More info:

Mix Megapol Radio

Happy Valentine's Day! Robin Stjernberg performances his new and beautiful single ”Love” live on Mix megapol radio this morning. Listen here: at 32:21 on the livestream. He is magic! Tonight 19.00 he has a surprise at you on his Facebook page!
Mixmegapol's championship in proposal and Robin Stjernberg sings at your wedding . Do you want to say "Now and forever, I do" to someone in the radio? Click on the banner

"Second chance - a good concept"

Robin Stjernberg finished in 14th place in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013. Photo Christine Olsson / SCANPIX
My dear colleagues in "Morning with Anders Liljekvist" have gone to the north-eastern Mello winner's footsteps this week. On Wednesday morning Johan Pettersson was in just Hässleholm, while Anders Liljekvist and Johanna Zacchau interviewed Robin on the phone. And he revealed a news - February 9, he releases new material fore Valentine's Day!
One person has gone through the second chance and then won the whole competition - Robin Stjernberg 2013 with "You" 2002 was a milestone in the history of Melodifestivalen. Then the competition was introduced The Second Chance. In the first year, however, it was called "The Winners' Choice" and then there was a jury with, for example, old winners who decided who went on.

The second chance has had different designs over the years with various duels. SVT has really been tested and I really do not know what format I liked best. The duels make it exciting, but the strongest songs are likely to break apart, depending on the draw. Obviously, a collection heat needed for the quality of the songs between the competitions can be great.

It's actually just one song that has taken on from Second chance and then won the entire competition. It is Robin Stjernberg with "You" 2013. The Hässleholm boy who once sang with Eric Saade (2011 wins with "Popular") in the composite boy band "What´s Up"

And do not forget: The second chance in Kristianstad is March 3th!