Pieces - Five years of memories

The Pieces album by Robin Stjernberg was released for five years ago...five years!? I guess I´m still broken but with you I will be fine. And we pick up the pieces that are left of us to find. Five years of memories with love and magic! And I´m still here and he has my back and heart. I loved you then. I love you now, always have and always will.

A lot of recording and studio time but his new EP is slowly coming together to drop this year! He are so damn good and I’m so freaking excited, can´t wait for new music!! But what happens?! No summer gig with Robin  I´m dying...have to meet him, so hoping with all my heart that he will come out and play.

Damn, what I miss him on stage


Lovely midsummer weekend with love

Spread some love this midsummer weekend, listen to "Love" on Spotify! New music is slowly coming together to release this year, so stay tuned for Robin Stjernberg upcoming new EP!