Outstanding singer-songwriter

So Robin will not release new music until his EP is completely ready to drop, which will hopefully be completed in 5 weeks. Excited what´s coming, can’t wait! 
Soon new music, missing to see him on stage
Robin are an outstanding singer-songwriter, Steerner new song "I Wouldn´t Lie" is written by Robin Stjernberg, Gustaf Golter, Christian Persson and Steerner himself! 
Listen on Spotify here below:

5 years since Eurovision 2013 Grand Final

He write the story, he have a voice of gold and words to sing. When he write the song, free and equal with reason and conscience. He are human and he are the ONE....5 years since Robin Stjernberg represent Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö with "You"! 
After 5 years, I´m still by his side and always will. Proud of him, so much love

Sunshine and studio vibez

Hard working man in the music studio all days in this sunshine! But so proud of him, Niello's new song "Dansa" is produced by Robin Stjernberg.  Outstanding sing and songwriter, always by his side! I dreamed about him, twice in one week!! Damn, miss him so much, I hope I'll see him again soon. Come out and play, love! 
RIX FM Festival reveals this year's artists! Bring back Robin Stjernberg on the tour, please!

Hello summer love

Lovely summer weather, just love it! I’m waiting and I’m praying for Robin Stjernberg´s summer gig will come. Last summer, May 10th it came up that he will tour with RIX FM Festival, I’m hoping this summer again.
I miss him so much and love him more

Lovely Stockholm

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