For the better

It´s 6 years since Robin Stjernberg released "For The Better" EP, and it´s still on my mind. With this beautiful scars, you rule the world for the better. To see him evolve as a singer- songwriter and producer, he has become so damn good! 
My music soul heart

Six years since Melodifestivalen

It has now gone six years since Robin Stjernberg won Melodifestivalen 2013 with "You" and this year's final in Melodifestivalen is just on March 9th 2019 but March 9th 2013 will always be a magical date and emotional day in my life. "You" will forever remain in our hearts and he will forever perform "You" after six years. 
The funny thing is that every year in the media and newspapers it still talks about his winning in Melodifestivalen. So proud of him always and forever
Stjernberg are really unique when he is the first artist to win Melodifestivalen via the second chance round ever! The fact that he won was a big shock for all but totally happiness!
He work hard in the studio to developing his music and sound, where his new EP "Under Water" is epic! And what a genius he is as a songwriter and producer with several hits and two times winner in the Melodifestivalen. Have followed and known him for so many years, and seeing him develop and grow is magic. 

Happy Valentines Day

Have a lovely Valentine's Day and spread some love! Last year, Robin Stjernberg released his powerful ballad Love. He wrote it first to his friend's wedding, which later came to be his single on February 9th 2018. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. And the twice winner of Melodifestivalen Robin Stjernberg has never been so pleased with a song before. 

Winner of the 2019 Scandipop Awards

Robin Stjernberg – ‘Love’
Here are the all winners of the 2019 Scandipop Awards


The piano track "Always" from the EP "Under Water" is recorded in Robin Stjernberg favorite studio, Atlantis. And is the most personal and naked song he ever done. "Always" helped he move forward and because of it he now able to be as playful and creative in his music and as a person.
Excited for what this year has in store for us. - Robin Stjernberg says on Instagram


 "Not a man of science. So hard on myself, emotional mess. But I learned to fight the virus. Embracing the part, that infected my heart. Remember you only slowed me down. There´s nothing that you, can do right now. Cause I loved you before you, said those words way back when" - Robin Stjernberg

8 January

Three years since, Robin Stjernberg in front of this specially written song ”Take Me Home" under (Tillsammans mot Cancer) No to Cancer-galan 2016 on TV4

Live at TV4 Nyhetsmorgon

Robin Stjernberg delivered a magical and perfect live performance of "I Don´t" and "ALWAYS" from his new EP "Under Water" at Nyhetsmorgon on TV4! 

Melodifestivalen songwriter 2019

Once again he proves that he has skills! Robin Stjernberg is one of the songwriters to Omar´s song "Om igen" in Melodifestivalen 2019! Together with Johan Lindbrandt, Jens Hult and Omar Rydberg, the artist himself competes February 16th in Leksand. 

Robin has also worked with Oscar Enestad in the studio, with Oscar's new music (but not melfest, as I thought first)

Under Water Showcase 2018

Robin Stjernberg EP baby "Under Water" is a month old, and still so lovely! And over 300 000 streams on Spotify. Do you know the words yet? I thought trying to write down the lyrics of all songs, some lyric is out on Robin Instagram already. 
But now it´s time to hear them live! Robin Stjernberg will perform an exclusive showcase on November 21th in the legendary Atlantis studio in Stockholm. Participate by responding to the following: What city is Robin Stjernberg raised in? Send your reply to The winners are selected by Freebird Entertainment and will be announced by mail, Friday November 16th. *The winner is entitled to bring a guest. Travel and living are not included in the price. 

Perform live very soon

Robin Stjernberg rehearsing all the new "Under Water" songs with a new live set in the studio at the moment! He will perform live very soon a city near you. A small event happens somewhere in Stockholm soon, stay turned for more info! 

P4 Stockholm Live

Robin Stjernberg perform a flawless without any blemishes or imperfections, perfect acoustic version of "I Don´t" and "Under Water" with amazing choir song by Lionman and Louise live at P4 Stockholm. And a interview about personal letters "Under Water" EP. 
For a time Robin had a heavy struggled and got the singer-writer block, and don´t like himself; what do I have to give and thought if he should really keep going with the music. He has so much demand on himself and wants to do everything best, he ended up in this dark water. So was, "Under Water" EP born! His personal letters and diary from his heart. He talks about that he wants people to listen to the lyrics of his songs and acquainted himself in different situations in life that we never talk about. 
Listen to the "Under Water" EP on Spotify

Just getting started

Robin Stjernberg was Pop panelen guest star last week, listen on iTunes at podcaster. There he talked about the meaning of "Under Water" EP and he has felt zero pressure for this release because "Under Water" is written from his heart and now we can expect a new EP 2, 2019! 

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And something is going on probably, when he now rehearsing a new live set. And he says "can’t wait to start doing live shows" on Twitter. Hope he kicks off dates for his upcoming Spring Tour 2019. 


Off My Mind

Outstanding singer-songwriter and producer, and these amazing vocals! Robin makes music with Steerner again and this masterpiece is out now! "Off My Mind" written and co. producer by Robin Stjernberg.
Listen on Spotify and iTunes!

New EP out now

IT'S FINALLY HERE! And this is something out of the ordinary and it's everything you've been waiting for five years since "For The Better" EP and "Pieces" Album, it’s for all of us. Robin Stjernberg has laid a tough time behind him and bravely lift his head over the surface with this epic powerful soul music. The brand new EP "Under water" has four tracks about the journey back. And it described as the most personal and brave music Robin Stjernberg has ever released. And it don´t end here, just getting started! Probably he kicks off soon for his upcoming Spring Tour 2019, maybe we can expect a new album 2019!
Listen to Robin Stjernberg brand new EP "Under Water" on Spotify and Apple music

New EP out this Friday

Robin Stjernberg new EP is titled "Under Water" just as one of his new song on the EP and is out worldwide on October 5th! An epic powerful soul music EP, it's everything you've been waiting for. It described as the most personal music so far with lyrics "It’s funny how we share what we see, but we’re so afraid of talking deep" and "It’s hard to get hurt when you got nobody, so I’ve been making excuses for why there’s nobody to love"  
You probably won't believe this until you see this teaser video for his new EP, drop this Friday October 5th along with four songs

New EP drops next week

Finally Robin Stjernberg new EP "Underwater" drops next Friday, October 5th! So excited for more new music, gonna be epic powerful!! Looking forward to everything this year and next and next and forever! Pure heaven, this EP is really happening now after 5 years since "For the better EP" 
 I like your style, beautiful! Awesome new handsome photo
Photo by Karl Anton Björkman
Keep listen on new single "I Don´t", soon awesome 30 000 streams on Spotify!

New single out now

Robin Stjernberg is back with a brand new uptempo single "I Don´t"!! This epic soul single is a setup song for his upcoming new EP "Underwater" which will be released in just 2 weeks, October 5th. He is really an outstanding singer-songwriter that writes and producing all the songs.  
He shows his unique ability in something genuine, with much love
  Written by: Robin Stjernberg, Benjamin Roustaing, Jack Hewitt and Lewis Gardiner

New music very soon

 Twitter love this week. My heart, can´t wait! 

Music city Nashville

Last week, Robin went to Nashville and Stephanie Cox at Kobalt to write more magical music! But now he will 100% focus on himself as an artist starting this fall with a brand new EP! I´m so so superexcited for his comeback, gonna be epic love in a few months!!
My heart, love to write to you. Being with you, is the only place I want to be right now. Must meet him now, half a year next month.
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