Rocka Sockorna 2018

Robin Stjernberg is performing live for down syndrome at ”Rock your socks” in Guthenburg 18 march at världskulturmuseet. Performs at 15:00 with 4 songs. More info on 
On 21/3, the World day for Down Syndrome, the whole of Sweden will rock the socks. It is easy! By wearing different socks, you shame differently and make a blow to all people's equal value and rights. Together we can change people's attitude and make sure everyone is welcome in our society. 
The initiative is originally from the United States with the name "Rock your socks" In 2014, the Swedish Down Association initiated the campaign "Rock your socks" By 2015, there was a major breakthrough in social media with the help of Nathea Anemyr, who has a sister with Down's syndrome Today the brand is run by Svenska Downföreningen Internationally, the Lots of Socks campaign is run by Down Syndrome International.

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