Flashback on a magical evening

It´s now a month since a magical evening at Nalen in Stockholm, god damn what I miss this and him.

Studio style

What happens in Nashville, stays in Nashville or? I'm dying of laughter, at least his style...
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He continues to write and produce sweet music in Nashville, USA in a town he loves, hope he has the best. So proud of him, but so far away and not the same time zone.
Miss my sweetheart so much

King of everything

Berry Hill, Tennessee
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Skills in Nashville

Studio skills vibes, Robin Stjernberg works with Bre Kennedy in Nashville, USA. I wonder if he has talked to I got Instagram like from Bre, thanks! To see his passion and job as a singer-songwriter, is magic but which becomes very emotional for me because he has become so damn good, so proud of my heart.
Babe, you're perfection
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Back in USA

Stay safe, Robin Stjernberg has return to USA. Hope he have the best time over there and in Nashville with lots of music inspiration and come home with a new album to drop soon. 
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Bring music to perfect beauty. Robin Stjernberg and Benjamin Roustaing have really become soul music brothers, the perfect match of lyrics. Last Thursday, Benjamin released "When You Love Someone Else" and what a beautiful piece. This British/French singer- songwriter based in Stockholm, introduced himself to the world last year through his solo debut "Wait" following earlier this year with "Old Days" and most recently "Beautiful Lie".
Benjamin is a part of Robin's "Under Water EP"

Sat innit

Picture on fire day

If it wasn't for you

The weekend was special with a voice that was on fire. Bless you! Magic and perfect acoustic performance by Robin Stjernberg at Nalen in Stockholm when he was invited as a guest of "Introducing Nashville" tour. And his music that he has written over there are pure gold. His lyrics really take my breath away. All those deep feelings, my heart. I´m fall in love. When should he drop everything and realize what miracles he do. But so grateful to be a part of his life.
He return to Nashville this fall and winter to write music, gonna miss him so much. 

Live stuff

Looking good, can´t wait! "Introducing Nashville" October 11th at Nalen with special guest Robin Stjernberg. And of course he going perform some songs he wrote over there in Nashville. The format of the show is what in Nashville is called "writers round", which means that all the artists are on the stage at the same time. In a row and take turns telling the stories behind their songs.
Finally, I´m going to Stockholm tomorrow!
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Instagram story: @stjernbergrobin

Under Water EP

This is something out of the ordinary "Under Water EP" was released last year on this day October 5! All the songs are as if they were taken from Robin´s own diary and about the journey back. And it described life with deep friendship, negative thoughts we have about ourselves, dare to ask for help and let someone in to life. The most personal and brave music he has ever released. 
Everything I had been waiting for five years since "Pieces Album" and still today "Under Water EP"  take my breath away. I guess he writes music for many other artists so it became no "2019" album, but now he just writes to himself.
Hopefully he kicks off soon for his new album

Heaven Beautiful


I don´t

care...I play this on Spotify every single day. This uptempo song with soul was released last year on this day September 21, that gives us a sense of courage and freedom. That was good times last year! I had waited 5 years for his new EP after his album "Pieces" and "I Don´t" was Robin Stjernberg first single from his very personal EP "Under Water" which was released on October 5, 2018. This is too damn good!
Please, don't let it go so many years for his next album

Picture of the day

Miss my babe