Happy 30th birthday

Happy birthday, king! Robin Stjernberg is born February 22th, 1991 and has now aged to magical perfection. Wishing him a pretty special day, cheers! We'll have to celebrate together when this shit viruses is over, but miss him so damn much.
Oh, hello thirty!  I got your back always and forever, I love you. 
This year's 30th birthday gift is pretty magical and good, actually! A box of wine and glass with engraving Magical perfection. For the wine he gets basil, olive oil biscuits with delicacy parma ham and cheese. For the night's snacks with guitar and piano, there are cheezdoodles and Biskvi. And of course a handmade card.

Constantly on the hunt

 Robin Stjernberg turns 30 years old. Photo: Claudio Bresciani / TT
From childhood talent to the victory in the Melodifestivalen 2013 - competitions have been a common thread in Robin Stjernberg's life. The dreams have helped him move forward, but it is cooperation that is the key to everything, he emphasizes.
- In the music industry in general, there are a lot of questions about what you have done: "What fat references do you have on the merit list, then?". While in Nashville, people are asking, "What's your story?"
Robin Stjernberg tries to explain what it is that makes him enjoy working with songwriting in Nashville, USA. The well-known music city is usually associated with country, but has also become a mecca for pop music. Robin came there three years ago, when he felt it was time to take it a step further. From "just" being an artist to also earning a living as a producer and songwriter. From having the small Swedish music industry as a base to trying to take the step to an international stage.
For Robin, Nashville was an enticing destination. It is the city where the first question for newcomers is what is even "story" and the second: "Can you play a little for us?". A creative climate that suits Robin.
- Everything is spontaneous there and they shit in who I am and what I have done. It's all about musicality and writing songs. They also do not have many pop producers there, and I for my part want to take part in their "lyricism", their way of writing and putting things into words is absolutely incredible. Mixing it with Swedish pop will be very nice.
As an artist, he got his breakthrough first in "Idol" in 2011, then on an even broader front with the winning song "You" in the Melodifestivalen 2013. It was no coincidence that led him there - Robin's upbringing has been lined with singing competitions, and he has literally practiced shout "Hello Globen" since middle school.
- From when I was eleven to maybe 17, I always shouted "Hello Globe!" before I was going up on a stage. It was like a mantra. People asked why. And I just: "Because one day I will be at the Melodifestivalen and then I will be in the Globe". It was his father who drove between countless talent competitions, which over the years became bigger and more important. In 2011, he came in second place after Amanda Fondell in "Idol" and got a record contract. 
A couple of years later, it was time for the competition, Melodifestivalen. There is a clip on Youtube from the final where you see that it takes almost two minutes for a teary-eyed and overwhelmed Robin Stjernberg to understand that he has won.
- It was completely genuine. I had dreamed about this since I was a little boy, he says.
- But after Mello, I felt that I want people to understand the work behind it, that I spend many, many hours sitting and creating this music. It is easy to focus on how many likes you get on a selfie, rather than on the music you have made. It's a bit problematic for me.
A few years after the breakthrough, he retired. For the money he had earned on the tour after the victory, he could sit and learn to produce for a few years. As an artist, he always had to wait for the producers to have time. Now he can handle the "prodding" in his own studio and also write for other artists.
Last year he released a single with Jill Johnson, wrote the song "Where do we go" which John Holiday sang in the final of the American TV competition "The voice", and released his first solo single in a while, "Pretty" . He has also collaborated with Megan Thee Stallion, Sandro Cavazza and Estraden.
He has come a long way when it comes to cultivating dreams. But he wants to continue to develop with the music and be part of new contexts. The forward movement is the important thing, it and the cooperation with others.
- Nothing in my career or in my life I have done myself. Cooperation is the key to everything, in one's relationships, in the profession, says Robin Stjernberg, who says that he is "in a constant process where he works forward".
- I'm looking for something, but I do not know exactly what it is. I just know I'm chasing something all the time. Every day in the studio, I chase the song, and hope I get something good. I like to be in that constant chase, and feel like I'm not stopping. That would be my nightmare, I think. That is the thread of my life, I just want to move forward and experience as much as I can.
Robin Stjernberg
Congratulations to 30 years on February 22, 2021.
Do: Singer, producer and songwriter. Current with the single "Pretty".
Lives: Stockholm.
Family: The family that is spread across the country.
This is how he celebrates his birthday: “I am thinking of taking three days off over my birthday, I have not been off that much, only four days over Christmas. Chew something good, and treat myself to a little whiskey. Then maybe I'm having a brak party when I'm 31. 
Turning 30: “It is not the number that matters. I think people who are 50 can be young. In the face of aging, I'm just grateful to have another year. ”
Listening to right now: A Spotify list with 1970s music. "Because I do everything but retro in the studio, I get a break when I listen to it."
Gets happy from: “Positive energy. But it is difficult to find the light in these times. I try to create happiness by thinking excessively positively. And it helps, so it's a hot tip.
Idol: “It has always been my father. I was so young when I knew what I wanted to do, it was just music, music, music. And he supported me, drove me to all the talent hunts and laid the foundation for me. He has also fought in headwinds, and is a living proof that it works if you work hard for something. ” 
Source: Robin Stjernberg är ständigt på jakt - DN.SE

Pretty - Latte Mix out now

Robin Stjernberg upbeat version of his last single Pretty is out everywhere now! 
Listen to Pretty - Latte Mix here: https://lnk.to/PrettyLatteMix

Pretty - Latte Mix out this friday

Get ready for Pretty - Latte Mix! Upbeat remix of Robin Stjernberg latest single out this friday!

Happy Valentine's Day

Have a lovely Valentine's Day, we spread a little love! Robin Stjernberg wrote "Love" first to his friend's wedding, which later came to be his powerful love ballad and single on February 9th 2018.
I´m all in, love u always and forever

Podcast Hitfabriken

Robin Stjernberg take a part on the podcast #37 "Hitfabriken" at Spotify, where he talk about the talent hunt that led to the boyband "What´s Up" together with Eric Saade and how the second place in Idol led to the Melodifestivalen and the Eurovision Song Contest.
About his age crisis, counting sheep to fall asleep, why he has no gold and platinum records set up, and why he calls Nashville his second home. But he also tell about setbacks like when he "covered" after Eurovision and slept for two days after hard work in his slim malnourished body that led to a collapse, even though he then stated how well he was feeling. About the superficiality of his industry and how it feels to be judged for its surface and be called "fat". How did he learn to love himself?
You will also hear unreleased demo versions and Robin premieres a new song written in the USA.

Pretty much love

Pretty much love in these eyes. It's February and Robin Stjernberg's birthday month! His 30-years present will be pretty good. Gonna be pretty amazing, actually! Listen on the brand new single "Pretty" on Spotify, he is always the one with the pretty words.

"Pretty" live at SVT Go´kväll

Robin Stjernberg was the guest on the Swedish tv program Go'kväll at SVT, where he performed his brand new single "Pretty". Watch the performances at SVT Play

ohFrank "Dandelion" EP out now

ohFrank debut "Dandelion" EP is out now! When a Swedish artist and songwriter, forms a duo together with an English / French artist and songwriter, nothing but sweet music can arise. That funky vibes voices belong to Robin Stjernberg and Benjamin Roustaing, together they are ohFrank.
Listen on Spotify! 

Keep shining

Current crush, Robin Stjernberg brand new single "Pretty". Which now has over 100,000 streams on Spotify! So keep listening on "Pretty" on Spotify so this king can keep shining pretty much!
 Photo: Emil Eiman Roslund

ohFrank "Dandelion" EP out January 29th

Happy friday! Pre-save ohFrank´s upcoming debut EP "Dandelion" out January 29th. Robin Stjernberg and Benjamin Roustaing met at a writing camp, they got too many beers, became partners in crime, they made some music and now now they're a band! 
Who knows, if the name of their EP be related to Robin's song Dandelion that he never released

Pretty weekend

All you need this weekend is a pretty song, listen to Robin Stjernberg brand new single "Pretty" on Spotify! Upcoming EP drop in spring 2021 with gospel. We got to hear a sneak peek at the online gig last Sunday from his studio and it looks promisingly magical with beauty soul.

Pretty - Official Music Video

Robin Stjernberg released his new single "Pretty" on the first day of the year and today is the premiere for the official music video of "Pretty"! In an interview to Gaffa says Robin Stjernberg: - "2020 was a different year, I have spent more time than usual in Stockholm and it felt natural for me to show our beautiful city in the video as my goal was to make a minimalist video with a magnificent view."
Watch the official video on Youtube

Just say something pretty

Find the beauty this magical evening and listen to Robin Stjernberg new single "Pretty"! He kicks off the new year with a comeback by releasing the new single Pretty, a melancholic love song about missing something you once had, but to let go anyhow. In the making of Pretty, he had a session with other songwriters and immediately after he set the piano chord for "Pretty". Robin was inspired by the American way of writing music and combined this with classic Swedish pop. 
He is currently working on his upcoming new EP which will be released during the spring of 2021. Stay tuned!
 Photo: Emanuel Dahlberg

Live Nation Sweden Takeover

Get a pretty start of the new year and listen on new single "Pretty"! Robin Stjernberg was todays Swedish Radio P4 guest with interview and promoted "Pretty" with the first radioplay. Listen here! He also doing a takeover on Live Nation Sweden Instagram today, follow and hang! 
Photo: Emanuel Dahlberg

"Pretty" live at Bingolotto

Robin Stjernberg performed the new single ”Pretty” live at Bingolotto on TV4 yesterday night! Watch on RS Fansite Youtube!

New single "Pretty" out now

Happy new year

 Live premiere of Robin Stjernberg´s new single "Pretty" around 21:37 at Bingolotto on TV4!

Kick off the new year with the single "Pretty"

Robin Stjernberg kick off the new year with the single "Pretty"! On New Year's Day, Robin Stjernberg releases the pop ballad "Pretty", his first music in his own name since the autumn of 2018. You can already pre-listen here!
When Robin created "Pretty", he drew inspiration from both the Americans' way of writing music and classical Swedish pop. It is a melancholic love song with strong lyrics accompanied by Robin's fantastic voice and a beautiful production that is about missing something you once had but still moving on. He has written the single together with Georgia Ku and Johan Lindbrandt.
“For me, it's all about music. I live and breathe music. It's my life and my sustenance. I feel that I have finally found my sound and I can´t wait to show everything I have worked on ", says Robin.
Robin Stjernberg has spent the last few years developing himself as an artist, songwriter and producer. He has written and produced music for others, such as Sandro Cavazza, Estraden, Meghan Thee Stallion, The Voice USA, Mamas. Anna Bergendahl and Jill Johnson, but has also spent an enormous amount of studio hours in Stockholm and Nashville to develop her own artistry. Robin secretly started the comeback in 2020 with the single "Miles of Blue", the duet that he and Jill Johnson wrote and recorded together.
"Pretty" will be released on January 1, 2021 and HERE you can listen to the song when it is out.

Get ready for 2021

Robin Stjernberg new single is titled "Pretty" and is out this Friday! 
Photo: Emil Eiman Roslund

New single "Pretty" out this friday

It's time to kick off a new year! Robin Stjernberg releasing a brand new single this Friday! Pre-save ”Pretty” here

ohFrank´s Christmas gift

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to the best guys! I´m so grateful for ohFrank aka Robin Stjernberg and Benjamin Roustaing this year. Hope they get it now, because I got surprised beautiful DM answers on Instagram both from ohFrank and Robin that they liked the Christmas present. 
I have had Christmas problems with both the post office and the Freebird office that will pick it up and give it to the guys, but that's probably how it should be when it's Christmas unfortunately

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! 
Pre-save Robin Stjernberg new single ”Pretty” out on January 1st and get invited to an exclusive live gig online! Visit: lnk.to/PrettyPresave

New single out January 1st

We have finally a date! Robin Stjernberg´s new single "Pretty" will drop on January 1st. Pre-save "Pretty" on Spotify here and be the first one to hear it on the release day and get access to an exclusive online gig by pre-saving

Late Night Concert 2020

Late Night Concert on TV4 tonight

Bingolotto New Year´s Bingo

Source: binglotto.se

Mix Megapol Advent Concert

Jill Johnson and Robin Stjernberg performed ”Miles Of Blue” live at Mix Megapol Unplugged first advent concert on November 29th, 2020.

Andrelli + Robin Stjernberg – So much for love

Check it out! Robin Stjernberg is certainly not on the lazy side. If he don´t write and produce, he sings. Like here on the new single "So much for love" which is released under the name of producer Andrelli. Here we are offered an uplifting EDM song with really nice drive and beat. As usual when Robin sings, the song is colored by his somewhat melancholy voice, which I think fits really well, especially here, where Robin sings about a relationship that looks good on paper but is just a facade.
Source:  popmuzik.se

Venice (Acoustic) out now

The acoustic version of "Venice" is out now! These perfect voices belong to Robin Stjernberg and Benjamin Roustaing, together they are ohFrank.

Late Night Concert

 A few weeks ago, Live Nation and TV4 announced that the Late Night Concert will have a second season in December. And now can we finally announce that Robin Stjernberg also participates in the program Late Night Concert together with Jill Johnson, on December 17 at 23.00 on TV4 and the program can be seen afterwards on TV4 Play and CMore.