Introducing Nashville

Welcome to a unique show where the music and Nashville are in focus. Inroducing Nashville with special guest Robin Stjernberg, October 11th! 
For the third year, Country Music Association's initiative "Introducing Nashville" to Sweden this fall. On stage there is Danielle Bradbery, Devin Dawson, Travis Denning, Rachel Wammack and at Nalen in Stockholm also guest Robin Stjernberg.
"Introducing Nashville" means spotlight on some of the most noted new names for the Nashville scene, this in the format "Nashville writers round".
What distinguishes "Introducing Nashville" from the previous CMA Songwriter Series, is that it focuses on already contracted artists, representing what is happening in Nashville right now.
Together, the artists show how wide the country genre is. The format of the show is what in Nashville is called "writers round", which means that all the artists are on the stage at the same time. In a row and take turns telling the stories behind their songs, before they acoustically says Maria Molin Ljunggren, Swedish member of the board of CMA's board.
The artists 11/10 at Nalen in Stockholm will be Danielle Bradbery, Devin Dawson, Travis Denning and Rachel Wammack. Robin Stjernberg, who spent a lot of time in Nashville the past year, is a special guest. The tickets are released.

Summer and chill

Damn hot! Now Benji has made him a British man. Imagine an acoustic gig with these two, Benji are welcome to join Robin on other gigs. And finally, this year's artists begin to be revealed. Hope Robin has a tour with RIX FM Festival this summer. 
Soon I'll see him again
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Six years since Eurovision

He write the story, have a voice of magic and heart of gold. When he write songs, he is free and equal with reason and conscience. He are human and he are the ONE. It´s now six years since Robin Stjernberg represent Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö with "You"! So proud of him. 
He is the best, always by his side. Always and forever.

Summer vibez

Boys, boys, boys with summer vibez. Has Robin been in the studio for a long time or has he been with Benji and become a British man when he has a beard now! Damn hot, babe!
Have a nice weekend
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The boys in town

The boys in town, hanging! That we met Benji on the cruise, how nice he was. And how Robin said his name (with English pronunciation) I died and came back. Hope we meet him again. It´s only been four weeks since the cruise, it feels like an eternity ago. 
Hope with all my heart that Robin has a tour with RIX FM Festival
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Flashback Eurovision 2013

It's Eurovision month and week! And what suits well, if not a real Eurovision flashback 2013 when I was in Malmö during the Eurovision Song Contest week. So much love and warmth during this magical week with a happy music soul. It´s now six years since Robin Stjernberg experienced his dream. So proud of him. 
Today, he is a brilliant singer- songwriter and skilled producer who works with other artists. Wrote Melodifestivalen 2017 winner song "I Can´t Go On" .

Hässleholms City Festival

We welcome Robin Stjernberg home to Hässleholm and Skåne this summer when he will perform live at Hässleholms city festival on Saturday, August 24. Stay tuned for schedule at Stortorget in Hässleholm! 
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Robin Stjernberg are totally bouncin music in the studio and then night life with his boys gang Emil, Oscar and Ola when Swedish House Mafia reunited in Stockholm, Tele2 Arena. 
But where are you this summer, bae
Need you in my life, love
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Feed on my love

2017, awesome RIX FM Festival Throwback Thursday! Robin Stjernberg has to be back this year on their tour, had been so dope with his "Under Water" EP! The festival has finally begun to reveal this year's cities and Kristianstad, Norrköping and Stockholm are some of the cities and he has visited this cities with the festival other years. The artists are revealed at sometime in May and june, can´t wait! 
Miss this so much, love

I Wouldn’t Lie

The squad behind the biggest track “I Wouldn’t Lie” by Steerner so far. Just surpassed 6.000.000 streams on Spotify! The tune and vocal of Robin Stjernberg is magical summer sound beat! 
Fingers crossed, that Robin drops a summerhit soon! When we now move into the month of May

The one and only

He has talent in everything, pro! Nice to see him having fun outside the studio too, miss my sunshine already. Last weekend was the best! Want more gig. I really want to be with him right now. But waiting for something good...Keep your fingers crossed for RIX FM Festival tour this summer. But I think it will be RIX FM, because when I talked to him about it, he was very positive about it. 
Start happening festival things next week! So not far until we know if Robin Stjernberg is touring with RIX FM Festival this summer
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Not the end of this game

He continues to deliver studio vibez and skills with other artists and live life as a king. But Robin Stjernberg story doesn't end here, I promise! 
Happy weekend! 
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For the better

It´s 6 years since Robin Stjernberg released "For The Better" EP, and it´s still on my mind. With this beautiful scars, you rule the world for the better. To see him evolve as a singer- songwriter and producer, he has become so damn good! 
My music soul heart

Awesome vibez & sunshine on Galaxy

Unforgettable and the best easter weekend on Silja Line Galaxy and in Stockholm with my partner in crime! It was wild at heart cruise which traced out a little bit but so damn good vibez and sunshine chill cruise, so much love. No beatuy shines brighter than that of a good heart and the hottest fire burn blue and Robin Stjernberg music are no exception! 

He has a heart of gold and the best, he looked at me from the scene and showed me straight away that he had the silver bracelet "Stay in your magic" I gave him last cruise. Then he retweeted my "You´re my summer rain" video on his Twitter and Instagram story! He is really my sunshine in my life! 
I walk above the flames 'cause you're the sun that brings me night, and I would do all for you.


Last weekend, Robin went to Skåne to spend time with his family when his sister Josefine's son was baptized. So lovely to see him outside the studio for once and take time off to be with his family. Antoni are so cute and really look like him. 
He's wearing the bracelet that I gave him, I’m still so touched.