Happy 27th Birthday, babe

Happy birthday to the most outstanding and awesome kindhearted music soul! Wishing him a extra special day and the best one, ´cause Robin Stjernberg are so loved. Thank you for being you, love you for who you are. 
February 22th you came, this handmade guitar package became so awesome! That I managed to make my idea of a cardboard box, this is really fun to do. And it has arrived today, hope the label will pick it out to him!
This tropical gift made a roadtrip just for him. "When the winter is coldest, dream away for a cozy evening on the beach with guitar and jam by the sea. Keep going strong with the music of your soul. You are gold, baby. Solid gold." Forever by your side, forever in my heart"
Handmade scrapbooking congratulations card with love note

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