The heart of magical perfection

Last week magical showcase at Atlantis studio in Stockholm, when Robin Stjernberg performs live and opening his heart with his new music. "Under Water" is epic powerful but "ALWAYS"  touch the heart so incredibly much with beautiful piano. 

Under Water Showcase 2018

Robin Stjernberg EP baby "Under Water" is a month old, and still so lovely! And over 300 000 streams on Spotify. Do you know the words yet? I thought trying to write down the lyrics of all songs, some lyric is out on Robin Instagram already. 
But now it´s time to hear them live! Robin Stjernberg will perform an exclusive showcase on November 21th in the legendary Atlantis studio in Stockholm. Participate by responding to the following: What city is Robin Stjernberg raised in? Send your reply to The winners are selected by Freebird Entertainment and will be announced by mail, Friday November 16th. *The winner is entitled to bring a guest. Travel and living are not included in the price. 

Lovely autumn day

This fall started so damn good, and it will be for the better! And this means he will save my fall! After six months I saw him again and it was the most personal, beautiful and cozy meet with Robin Stjernberg in Borås. Talked about everything between heaven and earth. Perfect lovely autumn day! My new camera killing me, taking such awesome pictures! I think I'll do the fansite blog in autumn colors, maybe a little brown/beige. 
You are the best! Worth everything, love

Such a lovely Gothenburg with lots of love

Keeper of my heart. Such a lovely yesterday in Gothenburg with lots of love and sunshine when Robin Stjernberg performed live for down syndrome at ”Rock your socks”. He have a heart of gold, love him. And he really loved his anchor bracelet too, so lovely to see that he used it yesterday. February and March have been so good to be true with him! I´m lucky that he are around. He is best one, hope this spring and summer gonna be epic! 

Your love lifts me up when I'm down. When I've hit the ground, you're all I need.

Rocka Sockorna 2018

Robin Stjernberg is performing live for down syndrome at ”Rock your socks” in Guthenburg 18 march at världskulturmuseet. Performs at 15:00 with 4 songs. More info on 
On 21/3, the World day for Down Syndrome, the whole of Sweden will rock the socks. It is easy! By wearing different socks, you shame differently and make a blow to all people's equal value and rights. Together we can change people's attitude and make sure everyone is welcome in our society. 
The initiative is originally from the United States with the name "Rock your socks" In 2014, the Swedish Down Association initiated the campaign "Rock your socks" By 2015, there was a major breakthrough in social media with the help of Nathea Anemyr, who has a sister with Down's syndrome Today the brand is run by Svenska Downföreningen Internationally, the Lots of Socks campaign is run by Down Syndrome International.

Epic and magical cruise

Pretty awesome and epic cruice with my hearts! Lovely to see Evelina and Caroline again, and life deluxe in Stockholm and on the Viking Line Cinderella. This has to be done again, for now is Robin Stjernberg cruising marked for life when we left the boat with him. 
Five years of love and the days with him is still the happiest, this is magical

Viking Line Cinderella 2018

A magical 21h star cruise with Robin Stjernberg! He is performing live aboard the Viking Line Cinderella on March 15th with big band Special Delivery by Stefan Andersson at 22:30! More info and booking on Viking Line

Departure Stockholm - Mariehamn on 15/3-18 at 18.00
Arrival Mariehamn - Stockholm on 16/3-18 at 15.15
Ship M / S Cinderella, Stockholm. Stadsgårdens terminal
Age limit: 21 years


Robin Stjernberg is performing "LOVE" live at P5 STHLM studio on Drottninggatan this friday March 9th at 16:10 with a interview by Lisa Friberg. Listen on the broadcast in SR Play app or the web 
More info:

Hello Love

This love when Robin  Stjernberg is invited to guest the Melfest welcome party in Kristianstad. Skåne, baby! But it was really a cold Kristianstad but with a warming heart and hugs. Feels so nice that he's on the track againand soon this long-awaited EP will come with more gigs and love! 
Soon a roadtrip to lovely Stockholm and schlager cruise with my hearts

Viking Line Cinderella 2018

 "Love" has now over 100.000 streams on Spotify! Click on the banner to listen to "Love" in Spotify & support Robin 
One months left until Viking Line cruise with my hearts, gonna be epic love! Don´t miss to book a magical star cruise when Robin Stjernberg is performing live aboard the Viking Line Cinderella on March 15th! More info here and booking on Viking Line

Departure Stockholm - Mariehamn on 15/3-18 at 18.00
Arrival Mariehamn - Stockholm on 16/3-18 at 15.15
Ship M / S Cinderella, Stockholm. Stadsgårdens terminal
Age limit: 21 years


Lovely day in Gothenburg yesterday

My heart, you are too good to be true! So proud of him, have missed him so much. Gonna be the best year! My feelings were all over the place in Gothenburg yesterday, lovely day and the best weekend with my hearts. Thank you for your love, thank you for being you. Love you for who you are. 
If you missed Bingolotto last night, watch Robin Stjernberg powerful and epic performances of "Love" and "Rain" here:
Listen to "Love" on Spotify!

Robin Stjernberg performs at Bingolotto this sunday

Don´t miss Binglotto this Sunday February 11th, Robin Stjernberg is performing live from Gothenburg! The program is a broadcast from 18:00 to 20:00 on TV4. If you want to see Robin live there are still places in the studio to book, which you can do here:
He's back, the wait is almost over! I'm so excited and ready for 2018! His new press photos begin to be released (damn good looking!) and finally new music on Friday (could this be the single cover)can’t wait! And on Sunday I’ll see him again, where have you been my whole life, babe? Gonna be the best weekend this month!

Robin Stjernberg live 2018

See Robin Stjernberg live 2018, stay tuned for more tour dates

Viking Line Cinderella Live on stage

Happy friday!! Guess who's back on a cruise next year?! Don´t miss Robin Stjernberg live on Viking Line Cinderella March 15th 2018! (The age limit on Cinderella is 21 years old)  More info and booking on