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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Robin Stjernberg release his new single - the love song "Love" and later on in the year, Robin is planning to release an EP. The twice winner of Melodisfestivalen Robin Stjerberg has never been so pleased with a song before. His latest single “Love” is a song he wrote for his best friend’s wedding.
- “Love” is powerful, organic, filled with love as well as a rawness. It’s the best song I’ve ever written
The song is a result of a promise. Many years ago, he promised his best friend he’d write her a song for her wedding. In August 2017 the big day was here. Just a week before the big day it all fell into place and he wrote the song in 20 minutes. It was a big moment for Robin to both write a song and perform it on such an important day!
- The whole song more or less wrote itself within 20 minutes. It was almost unnerving how easy it went. It was like fingers and mouth just worked by themselves. It is really an honour to experience something like that as a songwriter
”Love” became a special and very personal gift to the couple when he performed it live together with a gospel choir at the wedding. Songwriting has been a central part of Robin Stjernbergs life ever since he attended senior high school. But it hasn’t always been easy. A few years ago, he went through a tough period when he had problems finding his creativity. He even thought about giving up music all together. After a while his creativity slowly but surely started to return, and he wrote the song “Rain” (2016) about this period. Robin has found a way to work which is focused but that leaves room for creative movement. Last year he released the single “Feed On My Love”, a sublime song about unrequited love.
- It wasn’t until later on that I realised that I needed the dip to get myself to the next level. I have developed a lot lately and have found a calmness and security in myself. For me it’s been about accepting that everything doesn’t have to be perfect, neither in the music or as a human being, says Robin.
These last years Robin’s written a lot of material for other artists. In 2017 he created “I Can’t Go On” for Robin Bengtsson, which led him to win Melodifestivalen. Among the songs Robin has written include the winner’s song for Idol 2015, (Can’t Hold Me Down) and the hit, “Ashes” for Italian artist Sergio Sylvestre, which sold double Platinum. 
Today Robin shares a studio with songwriter and producer, Bobby Ljunggren and is also one of the owners of the publishing company, Freebird Songs.

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